#805 migration scripts needed for 10.0-10.1 to fix perms, registry file
Closed: Fixed None Opened 9 years ago by vakwetu.

From 10.0 -> 10.1:

Tomcat instances do not start on upgrade because:

  1. variable in registry file PKI_INSTANCE_ID -> PKI_INSTANCE_NAME
  2. ownership of registry file needs to change from root
  3. ownership of logs in /var/log needs to change from root.

commit 24727d1b096cd30f7474ca9c03fa9c1be04be0cd
Author: Ade Lee alee@redhat.com
Date: Wed Nov 20 10:23:15 2013 -0500

Add migration scripts to fix registry file and ownership

Migration scripts have been added to update the registry file
for tomcat instances to use PKI_INSTANCE_NAME instead of PKI_INSTANCE_ID.
File ownership of the registry file and log files is also fixed.

Also removed unused lock file logic in operations startup script.

This is for migration from 10.0 -> 10.1

Ticket 805

Metadata Update from @vakwetu:
- Issue set to the milestone: 10.1 - 10/13 (October)

5 years ago

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