#787 pki command-line tool should return 'invalid command message'
Closed: fixed 3 years ago by cipherboy. Opened 9 years ago by mharmsen.

While working on TRAC Ticket #689 - Unable to add KRA users to a group using CA admin cert, it was discovered that previously an invalid command threw an exception:

# pki -d /tmp/tmp.N0YVPa7edJ/nssdb
-n "PKI Administrator for rhts.eng.bos.redhat.com"
-c Password -t kra group-add-member Administrators
PKIException: CertProcessor?: authority is null

While this issue has been fixed such that the invalid command group-add-member no longer throws an exception, it does display a rather confusing error message as it appears to mis-interpret the invalid group-add-member command as the valid group-add command:

# pki -d /tmp/client_db -n "PKI Administrator for example.com"
-t kra group-add-member Administrators foobar 
Error: Missing required option: description
usage: group-add <Group ID> [OPTIONS...]
    --description <description>   Description

Ideally, a message should be displayed which informs the user that group-add-member is an invalid command.

[06/04/2014] - Moving to Milestone 10.3 due to schedule restrictions.

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5 years ago

This has been fixed as far as I can tell:

[root@idm ~]# pki group-add-member
WARNING: pki group has been deprecated. Use pki <subsystem>-group instead.
Error: Invalid module "group-add-member".
[root@idm ~]# pki ca-group-add-member # Known failure
Error: Invalid module "ca-group-add-member".
[root@idm ~]# pki ca-group-add # Known success
Error: No Group ID specified.

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3 years ago

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