#778 Support for system profiles
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Currently the profiles are copied into each instance. For every change in the profile, an upgrade script is needed to modify the profiles in existing instances.

To reduce such needs, by default the instance should use system profiles stored in /usr/share/pki. The system profiles will be upgraded automatically during RPM upgrade. The admin can add custom profiles into the instance folder if necessary, but they will be maintained by the admin.

Once the support for system profiles is added, an upgrade script can compare existing instance profiles with the system profiles. If they are identical, the instance profile can be removed and then it will use the system profile. If they are different, the instance profile will be kept as a custom profile.

When making this change we should at same time consider how to facilitate other packages providing their own profiles for use with Dogtag. See https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/4002#comment:8

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