#768 Cloning a Stand-alone DRM
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A stand-alone DRM was created via the following TRAC Tickets:

One of the next phases in this development will be to provide cloning from this stand-alone DRM (see http://pki.fedoraproject.org/wiki/Stand-alone_PKI_Subsystems#Case_II:_DRM_Cloned_from_Stand-alone_DRM).

During development of the stand-alone DRM, a number of servlets were added to the web.xml file whose use could not be verified until a stand-alone DRM could be cloned which would use the stand-alone DRM as its security domain, thus the following "cleanup" task needs to be verified as a part of the development of the feature described in this ticket:

  • Confirm whether or not all of the servlets/mappings added to support Stand-alone PKI actually need to be exposed in web.xml. (HINT: Use Access Log to verify this.)

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