#762 Stand-alone DRM (cleanup tasks)
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This ticket has been created to track the following "cleanup" tasks associated with:

These "cleanup" tasks consist of the code review suggestions originally submitted for the ticket referenced above, that have not yet been addressed:

  • update the 'pki_default.cfg.5' man page
  • Additional "helper" functions for saving "CSRs".
  • Additional "helper" functions for loading "Certificates" and "Chains".
  • Consider defining object variables for the most commonly used options:
Also, as I look at this code, it occurs to me that it would make the
code a lot simpler if we simply defined a bunch of object variables for
the most commonly used options.  So, in the init() method for

    def __init__(self, deployer):
        self.deployer = deployer
        self.master_dict = deployer.master_dict
        self.clone = config.str2bool(deployer.master_dict['pki_clone'])
        self.subsystem = deployer.master_dict['pki_subsystem']
        self.subordinate ...

The the above becomes:

        # Security Domain
        if ((self.subsystem != "CA" or self.clone or self.subordinate) and\

We could start simple and do just the ConfigClient class, although the
ConfigurationFile class could really use this kind of simplification.

NOTE: The following original "cleanup" task:

  • Confirm whether or not all of the servlets/mappings added to support Stand-alone PKI actually need to be exposed in web.xml. (HINT: Use Access Log to verify this.)

has been moved to:

Initial patch for Stand-alone DRM cleanup tasks

Prior to check-in, the default value of 'pki_enable_access_log' in
'pki/base/server/etc/default.cfg' was changed from 'False' to 'True', and the appropriate information was changed in the 'pki/base/server/man/man5/pki_default.cfg.5' man page.

Checked-in to master:

  • babc5111c40442e247c99e248832839b15359573

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- Issue set to the milestone: 10.1 - 10/13 (October)

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