#701 Renaming CLI commands
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Currently all CLI commands can be run against any subsystems which could fail because not all subsystems support all commands. For example the cert-find command is only supported on CA and TPS, but the other subsystems don't support it.

% pki -U https://localhost:8443/ca cert-find (works)
% pki -U https://localhost:8443/tps cert-find (works)
% pki -U https://localhost:8443/kra cert-find (fails)

One solution is to prefix the commands with the subsystem name, for example ca-cert-find and tps-cert-find. The prefix will determine the path of the web application to send the command. This way it's possible to create a help document that lists exactly the valid commands for a subsystem. It also eliminates the need to specify the subsystem path in the URL, so if the instance has multiple subsystems the CLI can use the same URL for all commands.

% pki -U https://localhost:8443 ca-cert-find (works)
% pki -U https://localhost:8443 tps-cert-find (works)
% pki -U https://localhost:8443 kra-cert-find (no such command)

The user, group, and certs commands will be moved into each subsystems. The original commands are retained for compatibility, and will default to CA.

  • user -> ca-user
  • group -> ca-group

The following commands will be moved into the specified subsystem. They don't run on other subsystems. The original commands are retained for compatibility and will default to the corresponding subsystem.

  • cert -> ca-cert
  • key -> kra-key

The following commands will be moved into the specified subsystem. The old commands will be removed since they are new or not commonly used.

  • profile -> ca-profile
  • kraconnector -> ca-kraconnector

The following commands will not be changed.

  • client
  • securitydomain

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