#674 Incorrect cert-request-review parameter name
Closed: Fixed None Opened 9 years ago by edewata.

The cert-request-review command has the following parameter:

--output <filename>   Output filename

The file is actually used both as output (to store the request for review) and input (to send modified request back to server), so the parameter name and the description is incorrect.

It would be better to replace the parameter as follows:

--file <filename>   File to store certificate request

The manual page should be fixed to explain how the parameter is used.

Fixed and pushed to master in aa52cb632be5f64c8859ac636937f0c526b1f10d

Metadata Update from @edewata:
- Issue assigned to kaskahn
- Issue set to the milestone: 10.1 - 10/13 (October)

5 years ago

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