#641 Incorrect interface labels in pkidaemon output
Closed: Fixed None Opened 9 years ago by edewata.

pkidaemon generates the following output:

[CA Status Definitions]
Unsecure Port       = http://test.example.com:8080/ca/ee/ca
Secure Agent Port   = https://test.example.com:8443/ca/agent/ca
Secure EE Port      = https://test.example.com:8443/ca/ee/ca
Secure Admin Port   = https://test.example.com:8443/ca/services
EE Client Auth Port = https://test.example.com:8443/ca/eeca/ca
PKI Console Port    = pkiconsole https://test.example.com:8443/ca

The labels should say '... URL' instead of '... Port' because the ports are actually the same but it's the URL's that are different.

I will change all "...Port" to "...URL" with the exception of the unlisted "Tomcat Port" used to denote shutdown, and I will change "PKI Console Port" to "PKI Console Command":

[CA Status Definitions]
Unsecure URL        = http://test.example.com:8080/ca/ee/ca
Secure Agent URL    = https://test.example.com:8443/ca/agent/ca
Secure EE URL       = https://test.example.com:8443/ca/ee/ca
Secure Admin URL    = https://test.example.com:8443/ca/services
EE Client Auth URL  = https://test.example.com:8443/ca/eeca/ca
PKI Console Command = pkiconsole https://test.example.com:8443/ca
Tomcat Port         = 8005

I will also change 'pkidaemon' to support both formats, as this tool may be run against instances which would contain this older syntax in their 'server.xml' files.

Checked into 'master':

  • 109494910f65e795219d8b3059385f58627cda8b

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