#599 Improve pkispawn "Installation Summary" block
Closed: Fixed None Opened 9 years ago by mharmsen.

The current "Installation Summary" block at the end of a 'pkispawn' contains the following issues:

    * This block should attempt to display cleanly in a standard 80 character

      NOTE:  Since this appears to use tabs rather than spaces, and tabs are
             variable (generally equivalent to 8 spaces when displayed) the
             information is not always displayed cleanly on a standard 80
             character terminal

    * By default, 'pki_client_database_purge=True', so the installation block should
      only print out the "Location of client database: ..." when
      'pki_client_database_purge=False', since otherwise it will not exist.

    * When 'pki_skip_configuration=True' is set, 'pkispawn' will output
      a configuration URL (which is often lost in the debug if "-vvv"
      verbosity is used); it would be nice for this configuration URL
      to appear in this block when 'pki_skip_configuration=True'
      (since this URL will more often than not be longer than 80
       characters, this should be an exception to the 80 character

      NOTE:  The "Configuration URL" should only appear in the
             "Installation Summary" block when
             'pki_skip_configuration=True'; otherwise, the block
             should contain no references to any configuration URL.

Made the changes and pushed to 10.0 and master branches in f493c57ed671fa683bc29385224096b27b8d63b9 and d81c8e94c36a9a32b9233754f11216e97bac9a54 respectively.

Metadata Update from @mharmsen:
- Issue assigned to kaskahn
- Issue set to the milestone: 10.0.3

5 years ago

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