#526 Investigate using Tomcat for TPS subsystem
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We should investigate moving TPS from httpd to Tomcat. We want to do some cleanup and refactoring of the TPS code anyway, and it might just make more sense to port it to Java and use Tomcat like most of the other Dogtag subsystems.

Things we specifically need to look at are:

  • Does Tomcat provide support for chunked-encoding?
  • Are we able to share existing shared Java code with the other subsystems
    (allowing us to get rid of things we have duplicated in C just for TPS)?
  • Compare the effort of cleaning up our existing C code vs. rewriting in Java.

As a part of this investigation, we should look at all other functionality we are looking at adding to TPS and take that into account when deciding the approach to take. If we would have to rewrite large portions of TPS to implement new features, it might just be better to move to Java/Tomcat at the same time.

We have an initial framework that uses Tomcat for TPS. Specific details will be dealt with in new tickets.


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