#2959 Address ECC profile overrides
Closed: fixed 4 years ago Opened 4 years ago by mharmsen.

In the file /etc/pki/default.cfg, the following appears:

# Paths
# These are used in the processing of pkispawn and are not supposed
# to be overwritten by user configuration files.

However, in order to correctly generate ECC certificates when using pkispawn, the following name=value pairs must be overridden in the specifed 'myconfig.txt' file:

. . .
. . .
# Attempt to override RSA profiles with ECC profiles

Presuming that all other specified ECC override values are correct, appropriate ECC certificates will be generated for the Admin, Server, and Subsystem certificates.

The problems that this ticket needs to address are the following:

  • the /etc/pki/default.cfg file comment needs to be updated to express that these values must be overridden when specifying ECC certificates
  • the section entitled 'Installing a root CA using ECC' in the pkispawn man page should be updated to reflect the need for these name=value pairs to be overridden
  • the logic should be updated such that these values are not renamed in their instance destination located at /etc/pki/<instance>/ca (adminCert.profile, serverCert.profile, and subsystemCert.profile)
  • once this logic is changed, the confusion caused by seeing different original names and destination names should be eliminated
  • the workaround Wiki document entitled 'PKI 10.5 Pkispawn ECC Profile Workaround' can be removed

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This bug is meant to address the workaround documented at the following URL:

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commit 9a8e54ab9a8f1192c240639c42f8a744160a8ef8 (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD, ticket-2959-pkispawn-EC-profiles-master)
Author: Christina Fu cfu@redhat.com
Date: Wed Jun 27 15:04:57 2018 -0700

Ticket #2959 Address pkispawn ECC profile overrides

This patch enables proper ECC profiles to be automatically applied during

This patch would eliminate the need for the workaround documented here:

The idea is to use the % replacement strings as part of the profile names
in the default.cfg file for pkispawn,
and change the profile names to mach the format. So for example:


would either be translated to rsaAdminCert.profile or eccAdminCert.profile
depending  on the value in pki_admin_key_type

fixes https://pagure.io/dogtagpki/issue/2959

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4 years ago

A note has been added to the workaround wiki page to state the fact that it is no longer needed: http://www.dogtagpki.org/wiki/PKI_10.5_Pkispawn_ECC_Profile_Workaround#NOTE

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4 years ago

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