#2450 Unable to search certificate requests using the latest request ID
Closed: Fixed None Opened 4 years ago by edewata.

The List Requests page in the CA UI for agents is supposed to show the list of requests given the starting request number. However, if the starting request number is set to the latest request ID, the page will return no results.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Install CA as usual.
2. Initialize PKI client: pki -c Secret123 client-init
3. Request a certificate: pki -c Secret123 client-cert-request uid=testuser
4. Go to CA UI for agents and open the List Requests page.
5. Enter the request ID obtained from step #3 as the starting request number, then click Find.

Actual result: The page says No Matching Request Records Found.

Expected result: The page should show the normal list of requests showing just the latest request.

Note: If a smaller request number is entered in step #5, the page will show the normal list of requests.

Per PKI Bug Council of 08/31/2016: 10.4

Per CS/DS meeting of 09/12/2016: 10.4.0

Fixed in master:

  • 755fb2834d22131628ad1929c1bd4b1cd7592203

Fixed in DOGTAG_10_3_BRANCH:

  • 196ae21e55a3210ef9db1ad6b8c84d64d4d1959e

Metadata Update from @edewata:
- Issue set to the milestone: 10.3.10

4 years ago

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