#240 Dogtag 10: Create "official" Fedora 18 tomcatjss 7.0 package
Closed: Fixed None Opened 9 years ago by mharmsen.

This task is being provided primarily for tracking purposes.

At the appropriate time, this package will be built and pushed to 'rawhide' (Fedora 18), and at that time, Bugzilla Bug #819554 should be updated and closed.

To see what spawned this ticket, refer to:

Dogtag TRAC ticket #205
Branch 'tomcatjss' and port it from using Tomcat 6 to using Tomcat 7 . . .


* TRAC Ticket #283 - Dogtag 10: Integrate Tomcat 6 'tomcatjss.jar' and
                     Tomcat 7 'tomcat7jss.jar' in Fedora 18 tomcatjss package

Metadata Update from @mharmsen:
- Issue assigned to cfu
- Issue set to the milestone: Dogtag 10.0 Alpha

4 years ago

Dogtag PKI is moving from Pagure issues to GitHub issues. This means that existing or new
issues will be reported and tracked through Dogtag PKI's GitHub Issue tracker.

This issue has been cloned to GitHub and is available here:

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Thank you for understanding, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

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