#1710 Add profile component that copies CN to SAN
Closed: fixed None Opened 5 years ago by ftweedal.

Add a profile component that copies the CN to SAN dnsName (if it
looks like a domain name), which can be used to issue certificates
compliant with RFC 2818.

Care must be taken to ensure that the component works with other
components that add the SAN extension.

See https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/4970 for more info.

Although the CS Bug/Ticket Triage held 04/19/2016 proposed delaying this bug until 10.4, Fraser replied:

It's a dependency required for FreeIPA 4.4.  I think we should move
it to 10.3.1 for now.

Per Offline Triage of 11/30/2016-12/01/2016: 10.4 - major

Test vectors:

1. CN does not look like DNS name -> no changes

2. CN does look like DNS name:

    2.1. SAN extension already present:

        2.1.1. SAN already has a DNSName equal (case insensitive) to CN -> no changes

        2.1.2. Otherwise -> add CN as a dNSName to existing SAN extension

    2.2. SAN extension not already present -> add SAN extension with CN as a dNSName

3. Multiple CNs (that look like DNS name):

    3.1. -> Only "most-specific" CN is copied to SAN

Pushed to master:

  • 31dfbb569756e8c28500b597ac4486f780761c4c Add upgrade script to add CommonNameToSANDefault plugin
  • 9cb00049ec731cca36de822f6c1e834f7febcb4f Add profile component that copies CN to SAN dNSName
  • 979b6a2da433e97c1ada6434b432aa4aabc47ab5 X500Name: add method to get all attributes of a given type
  • a67816eebbed2332327fbf391f3e23223ee7690e SubjectAlternativeNameExtension: add GeneralNames getter/setter
  • 225dd099efa7e2f752c3f50157aaec71a9834873 GeneralName: add method to get at inner value
  • f371114134ee3b6a83b747eecf46e001080b1e9c DNSName: add method to get value

Metadata Update from @ftweedal:
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4 years ago

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- Issue close_status updated to: fixed

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