#1667 Database upgrade script to add issuerName attribute to all cert entries
Closed: Fixed None Opened 4 years ago by ftweedal.

Commit 465fa069ba67d655be28e1a3b9417dff19148e9f causes the
issuerName attribute to be included in certificate entries,
but a script is still needed to add this attribute to existing
certificate entries (so that they can be searched by issuer
alongside new certs).

Per CS Bug/Ticket Triage held 04/19/2016: 10.3.0

Fraser stated:

We can manage without it, but I think we should try to do it for 10.3.0.

It should be implemented as a CLI which can be used to fix old certificate entries in upgraded CA or certificate entries imported from old CA (for migration).

Metadata Update from @ftweedal:
- Issue assigned to ftweedal
- Issue set to the milestone: 10.3.1

3 years ago

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