#1580 dogtag can get confused about users
Closed: Fixed None Opened 4 years ago by simo.

When pkispawn logs in in order to create a clone, dogtag creates a session and stores the data in the directory.

Unfortunately this can result into issues logging in as the same user later, because the session object contains a 'uid' attribute with the user name, just like the username object in ou=People and when dogtag tries to check the user's password it will search the directory with a very simple filter (uid=<username>) and will search the whole database suffix.
This search filter will match 2 objects, the real user object and the previous session object. Depending on luck (which object is returned first in the LDAP results) then authentication may succeed or fail because dogtag uses the DN of the first result as the user's DN to attempt a simple bind.

Needed for IPA 4.3. The issue is important to fix since in IPA the KRA subtree is inside the CA subtree, so potential conflics will be greater.

According to simo this is blocking IPA 4.3 development.

Fixed in master:

  • 017d582ba50fe4ffc4bedf40a5229fb6aa381b37

Cherry-picked to DOGTAG_10_2_6_BRANCH:

  • dda808a071e2e7efd02dbbd0e182f94ebb3f8ffe

Cherry-picked to DOGTAG_10_2_BRANCH:

  • e7716ffa375b849337075f30f879d2d5b71625e3

Don't have a reliable reproducer?

Metadata Update from @simo:
- Issue assigned to edewata
- Issue set to the milestone: 10.3.0

2 years ago

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