#1399 Split pki-base into Java and Python client packages
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The current pki-base contains both the client libraries for Java and Python. The Java library seems to have dependencies on a large number of packages, which may be too big for another application wanting to just use the Python library.

To solve the problem, the pki-base should be split into pki-java-client and pki-python-client packages. This way other Python applications can depend on pki-python-client without requiring Java. For backward compatibility the new pki-base should depend on both client packages.

Proposed milestone: 10.3

Per CS/DS meeting of 06/08/2015: 10.3

Also, it seems that pki-base has a bunch of dependencies that really should just be in pki-server, like all the resteasy stuff. This should be leaned up too.

Checked into master:

  • 49e4fffe1681de5a5fb21de62cd4b7ed9505fc7a

Additionally, the 'pki-base' build and runtime requirements needed to be updated to 'pki-base-java' in 'master':

commit 84eaa4e575fa373ccab31a9a7f6d9c95847171b0
Author: Matthew Harmsen mharmsen@pki.usersys.redhat.com
Date: Mon Mar 7 10:57:07 2016 -0700

Change 'pki-base' --> 'pki-base-java' for build and runtime dependencies

PKI TRAC Ticket #1399 - Split pki-base into Java and Python client packages

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2 years ago

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