#1354 User-specified passwords for internal and replicationdb
Closed: Fixed None Opened 6 years ago by edewata.

Currently the passwords for internal and replicationdb are randomly generated during installation. When Dogtag is started using nuxwdog, the admin will have to type in these passwords. Since randomly generated passwords are usually hard to memorize, the admin will have to save the passwords somewhere (e.g. file, post-it note), which defeats the purpose of using nuxwdog in the first place.

Option #1: pkispawn should be modified to use the same user-specified password as the internaldb for internal and replicationdb by default. This way the admin will only need to remember one password.

Option #2: pkispawn should accept user-specified passwords for internal and replicationdb. During startup the admin will still have to type in three passwords, but at least they will be easier to memorize.

Proposed milestone: 10.2.4

Per Dogtag 10.2.X TRIAGE meeting of 04/28/2015: 10.2.4

Fixed in master:

  • 6ee510efe491b1e2afd7e9901eee690365fd8bbb

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- Issue set to the milestone: 10.2.4

4 years ago

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