#1179 support for multiple OCSP signing cert
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The OCSP server currently accepts multiple CA's CRLS but can only sign it with one single ocsp singing cert.
The way clients validate ocsp response is by checking its signer to see if it is signed directly by the CA of the cert in question.

We should support multiple ocsp singing certs, one each for each CA it supports.

From IRC conversation of 10/20/2015 - 10.4 - major

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5 years ago

some info from Bob:
You may still have an issue with a single OCSP server serving multiple
CA's. The certificate for the OCSP server must either be the CA itself,
or a cert signed directly by the CA with appropriate extension. The OCSP
server would have to select the correct OCSP cert to return with the
request (multiple OCSP certs can have the same key and therefore work
with the single OCSP server). So it's possible, but you'll need to issue
multiple OCSP certs for the same key (as well as the OCSP server
selecting the correct cert based on the request).

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