#1099 Rename "DRM/Drm/drm/Data Recovery Manager" ==> "KRA/Kra/kra/Key Recovery Authority"
Closed: migrated 8 months ago by dmoluguw. Opened 6 years ago by mharmsen.

BACKGROUND:  The term 'DRM' (Data Recovery Manager) was first coined
             by Marketing back at Netscape because the term 'KRA'
             (Key Recovery Authority) was deemed too scary at the
             time (I believe that it may actually pre-date today's
             more widely utilized 'Digital Rights Management' usage
             for 'DRM').  While the code has always been referred to
             as 'KRA', in general the term 'DRM' has been utilized
             as the customer-facing name for this service in both
             documentation and GUI ever since.

Over the course of several discussions, it was determined that it was time to eliminate the ambiguity caused by having two different designations to describe this PKI subsystem - one for source code (KRA) vs. one that is customer-facing (DRM).

The current usages basically entail:

  • the source code has always used KRA (pretty much exclusively although there may be cases which convert DRM --> KRA and vice-versa)
  • for the most part, documentation, customer exposed GUI interfaces, and certificate subject DNs have always used DRM
  • client CLI primarily utilizes KRA
  • profiles generally utilize DRM (with the exception of referencing the 'Enterprise KRA Administrators' group)
  • certificate DNs generally use DRM
  • certificate nicknames generally use KRA
  • LDAP databases generally use KRA, and
  • URLs generally use KRA

Consequently, we should change the following:

    DRM                     ==>   KRA
    drm                     ==>   kra
    Data Recovery Manager   ==>   Key Recovery Authority

proposed Milestone: 10.2 (August)

Per CS/DS meeting on 08/11/2014: moving to milestone 10.2 (August).

An extremely large patch was created (too big to be a TRAC attachment) was created at the end of the Dogtag 10.2 cycle.

It should be noted that this patch successfully purges ALL of
the various DRM naming conventions from the source with the
following purposeful exceptions:

   * migrate (since this refers to older systems that contained a DRM,
             no changes were made to this portion of the source)
   * spec file changelog histories that mention DRM
     (again, no changes were made to the history)
   * Security Data Recovery Service items
     (a concerted effort was made to not touch items associated
      with this similar sounding item)

This patch was successfully compiled using Eclipse, and then the
following packages were successfully built using the various
compose scripts and installed (unless otherwise noted):

   * dogtag-pki (not installed)
   * dogtag-pki-theme
   * pki-core (all packages were installed except the debug package)
   * pki-console

The patch was successfully tested for the following:

   * CA
   * KRA (including successful recovery)
   * OCSP
   * TKS
   * TPS
   * CA Console
   * KRA Console
   * OCSP Console
   * TKS Console

Unfortunately, due to the sheer size and scope of the patch, as well as potential problems working with previous systems (no update scripts were included) as well as its interactions with other projects, it was decided to delay this ticket until the start of Dogtag 10.2.1.

Marking bug 'critical' for 10.2.1 as it needs to be among the first tickets addressed for the Dogtag 10.2.1 release.

Proposed Milestone: 10.2.1 (per CS Meeting of 09/17/2014)

On 12/11/2014, it was decided to move this bug to 10.2.2 due to the sheer amount of changes. It will be broken down into phases to make review easier.

Per Dogtag 10.2.X meeting of 01/14/2015: Milestone 10.3

At least portions of this ticket need to be addressed in the 10.3 timeframe due to changes already made to the online documentation (e. g. - DRMTool --> KRATool).

To this end, PKI TRAC Ticket #1850 Rename DRMTool --> KRATool has been filed and assigned to Milestone 10.3.

Also, the following spec file clean-up was checked into master:

commit 68bfe81d7892c26d2e9485084c430575a921bddc
Author: Matthew Harmsen mharmsen@pki.usersys.redhat.com
Date: Mon Mar 7 12:14:33 2016 -0700

Miscellaneous cleanup of spec files

- PKI TRAC Ticket #1701 - Removed javadocs from 'meta' package
- PKI TRAC Ticket #1099 - Rename DRM nomenclature to KRA nomenclature

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[20171025] - Offline Triage ==> 10.6

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3 years ago

Dogtag PKI is moving from Pagure issues to GitHub issues. This means that existing or new
issues will be reported and tracked through Dogtag PKI's GitHub Issue tracker.

This issue has been cloned to GitHub and is available here:

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Thank you for understanding, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

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