#808 Upright banner & tablecloth design with new logo for events
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Mindshare Committee is starting to get some in person event requests for sponsorship/booth presence later on in 2022. We hope to be able to fund some of these small gatherings(covid depending), so it would be great to get some booth supplies with the new logo on it. We need designs for an upright banner and tablecloth.


To bring Fedora's presence at in person events up to our new brand standards


We looked around for pics of old banners & tablecloths and found a lot of variation. There seem to have been white, blue, and black tablecloths printed over time, and a whole bunch of upright banners. I will add example pics to the comments.

Here are our impressions on the tablecloth:
- white: friendliest, but easy to get scuffed/dirty
- blue: nice middle ground, but matching the blue to a Fedora blue might be problematic
- black: blue logo could look sleek on black, least likely to get dirty, but also the least friendly

Here are our impressions on the upright banner:
- make sure important graphics are at the top of the banner, sometimes we are tight on space at conferences and the bottom will be cut off behind the table. We had one with "fedora" at the bottom and it was hard to spot from a distance
- please try incorporating the four foundations logo

Since the banner & tablecloth will be used together, it would be great to make the designs match

I am working on the specifics of what items these will be printed on, but for now we can go with some generic sizes to get the aspect ratio:
- Upright banner: 72" H x 36" W
- Tablecloth: 21" H x 60" W

I also looked through the design tickets to dig up past projects and files, I found some for banners, none for tablecloths. I only grabbed the tickets from the past couple years, there is some really old stuff (7, 9 years), but I am not sure it will be helpful here.

Hi there! We were just discussing it there at the fedora design meeting and we thinking about maybe having at the events as well some kind of photobooth with some of the fedora characters? Even if its a big banner with some characters on it and you can stand in front of it and get your photo taken. Or maybe as well cardboard cutouts of the characters too that you can stand next too! Also as well maybe one of them frames that look like a Polaroid that you can hold up and have photo opportunities with as well? Just some ideas and let me know what you think of them!

This came up at today's design team meeting (timestamp 13:55):

A summary of the discussion we had:

@riecatnor's current thinking is that we produce a few tableclothes, maybe 6-8, standardize them, and send them out to different shipment centers (Americas, EMEA, APAC).

Agreed for all the reasons @riecatnor already outlined that blue matching is difficult, black is less friendly than white, but white can stain.

One idea we had was to go with the logo on a white tablecloth, and to help protect against staining, an unbranded navy blue runner / swag (fedora navy blue if possible :) / pantone 541) to go perpendicular across the top surface. Because the runner would be unbranded, it could be machine washed (whereas the base tablecloth itself might not be easily washed without potentially compromising the sublimated design.)

We also talked about white being a "safer" base color with respect to other items in the booth (ambassador t-shirts, stand up banners, etc) that might be blue whose color is slightly off - we looked particularly at the contrast between the more violet blue on the stand up banner vs the blue on the tablecloth here: https://pagure.io/design/issue/raw/files/2f3d3f6c3c2e4dac8edcdc3ac3d2e0c7353badfa077685b3898e9a2b8a8cbe35-fedora_banners1.jpeg

Navy blue would be less prone to causing a color clash issue here because it's a darker shade and more forgiving than the brighter blues we use, and our blue items are normally one of the two lighter blues and not the Fedora dark blues.

Another idea we discussed - because the intention of layering the two cloths might not be obvious - would be to produce a card preferably laminated to ship with the tablecloth and runner to provide a diagram of how they should be laid out.

I think the next step on this is to look at what vendors might have to offer - if we can find one that has a runner that's a good size fit for the tablecloth size and a good match to pantone 541 (check with a sample) - and mock up how it'd look to help mindshare make a decision.


We talked about potentially having multiple banner designs to choose from. We could have a basic plain logo one, but we could also have ones that are meant to be more interactive. Like a banner with a big beefy miracle on it that you could take a selfie next to. Or even produce self frames people could use.

Having banners designed in matching pairs that interact with each other is another neat idea.

I think more brainstorming / research on this concept (without over complicating things) would be a good next step, and maybe some pencil sketches of the banners and tablecloth in situ with figures to show the overall look.

Hi! How's the development of our booth design going?

I was given some options for the various pieces, full details on the corresponding Mindshare ticket: https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/325

We are thinking it would be best to go with the larger 8' standard tablecloth size.

The upright banner choices are all full color, all right around 33.5"x80"

It would be great for the Design Team to let us know if a one/two color option or a full color option would be preferred for the tablecloth.

First event to send these to, June in Albania, need travel time ahead of that. Would be good to have something by early April.

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2 months ago

Hi there, I have gotten advice from our vendor and my events support that white for the tablecloth is inadvisable. I brought this feedback to the last Mindshare meeting and folks responded with a "makes sense, maybe we should go with blue".. It would also eliminate the need for the blue runner, though we could incorporate a white one if desired.

What does the Design Team think about this feedback? I

Hi @riecatnor - here's my proposal for the tablecloth, looking at what Beacon offers (https://www.beaconpromotions.com/pl/Flat-4-sided-Table-Cover-fits-8-foot-standard-table:-Polyester/2558) -


So the idea with this is:
- The tablecloth is a dye subliminated material using the Fedora New Blue (center) to Fedora Blue (edges) gradient.
- IDEALLY the logo could be screen imprinted white on top of the dye sub fabric... if not, OK to dyesub the logo as part of a single image.
- The swag is this cool glittery/sequined idea I found on Amazon, they are around $6/piece, the idea here is because there's a lot of colors in them it wouldn't need to be an exact match, see Amazon link
- Note: The swag runner would have a 6" drop on an 8 ft long rect table, and an 18" drop on a 6' table, so the mockup shows a little shorter drop than a 6' table would have I'd say :)

Here is the full set of options I mocked up.

These are for the solid tablecloth colors the vendor provides, with Fedora imprint on top:

These are for dye sub tablecloths:


Something I want to mention as I didn't think of it until this morning - the B options are going to be the hands-down best for color fidelity. The imprint colors are limited for the A options, so the blue might be slightly off.

I made a video tutorial of how the table cloth artwork was done:

I don't have this in Penpot yet but Jess, here's the Fedora edition-neutral version of the gradient I am intending to use for the main Fedora front page! I have attached it here, and it's to the size of the banner (36"wide and 72"tall)


We discussed this in today's design team call... looking for ideas to be posted by this Friday, discuss and make a decision by next Wednesday.

One idea would be to use the tablecloth photo mockup with a banner mockup to decide on background color for the banner.

Some options that I think just need Marie or Mo's opinion


I like the second but not a fan of blue to white gradients, we usually do fedora new blue to fedora (old) blue, could we try that?


was experimenting with some variants for a banner with the four fs. my favourite so far is the one in the bottom left but i dont know how i feel about the gradient mesh one. on my monitor it looks muddy but it will probably look different to you guys

From a practical point of view, it would be best to have the logo and the "fedora" text at the top of the banner, so they are easily to spot in crowed/big areas. The higher the better. In the pictures about the old banners, there you can see several with the text at the bottom which was very unhelpful to navigate people to the right booth in the past.

Also, it might be nice to have banners that would allow to illustrate possible discussions at conferences, for example by quoting our mission and/or vision.

Here is a set of PNGs of all three designs:

@jesschitas ' circular design:

@madelinepeck 's option #1


@madelinepeck 's option #2


These all look fantastic! If I had to lean one way I think I'd pick @jesschitas because she worked the icons into it - but I think they are all great options.

@jesschitas you might have issues with the sla file in pagure because of the file extension - you might be able to zip it and attach, but in either case, let's make sure you get the SLA into the shared drive so we have a copy in a common place!

I am looking at moving us over to GitLab soon and hopefully this won't be an issue there.

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