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Letter is K

List of candidate figures

Jack Kilby - Jack St. Clair Kilby was a Nobel award-winning American electrical engineer, his greatest achievement was the creation of the first working integrated circuit while working at Texas Instruments in the 1950s.

The visuals here could be either very direct, inspired by the diodes, microprocessors, and transistors of the circuit, or more abstract. The lines and squares could start to turn into an overhead view of the city/world that’s been affected by the integrated circuit

Stephanie Kwolek – Kevlar - An American chemist discovered this material, which is five times stronger than steel, is used in bicycle tires, racing sails, body armor, frying pans, armored cars. She discovered the first of a family of synthetic fibers of exceptional strength and stiffness: poly-paraphenylene terephthalamide.

Visual concepts could include the molecular makeup of kevlar, fluidity of fibers as well as the rigidity and strength of the material.

Deepika Kurup - is an inventor, scientist, and clean water advocate. Kurup's initial idea that won her the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist in 2012 is based on using a photocatalytic compound for water purification.

In 2015 she developed a pervious photocatalytic composite using sand, TiO2, Portland cement and silver nitrate. This photocatalytic pervious composite showed 98% reduction in total coliform bacteria immediately after filtration. Exposure of the filtered water to sunlight with a photocatalytic composite disc resulted in 100% inactivation of total coliform bacteria.
I think this one has a lot of different paths we could go in!

Playing around with whether we wanted a landscape that emphasized the sun and water like Fedora 34, or if we wanted to symbolize bacteria in a way with the water in a gradient effect going from dirty to clean.

Robert Kahn - Robert Kahn was an electrical engineer from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. When the company DARPA ran out of funding, he and a computer scientist from Stanford named Vint Cerf collaborated on the principle of the interconnection of heterogeneous computer networks. They called it the TCP (transmission control protocol) which originally included the IP (Internet Protocol). After the U.S. Department of Defense adopted it in 1980, the TCP/IP became the standard Internet communication protocol we still use today.

I don't have many ideas for visuals off the top of my head but right now while we all work with the internet mostly from home its really important so I'm sure we could come up with something.

Option 3: Deepika Kurup has more potential to explore.

Deepika Kurup is the winner!

  1. Nature/Water Cycle
    Some ideas were a physical landscape where land and water meet. It was brought up that we could leave an easter egg of trees from previous wallpapers. Marie also brought up the idea of dew droplets. Especially since Kurup’s invention involves hollow glass microspheres, so the droplets could represent both water and the shape of the microspheres.

  2. Transparency/Reflection
    Water’s transparency was brought up as a visual element to play around with. Transparency is also key in Fedora’s OpenSource process.
    Either one or more reflective orbs being the end result of the filtered process reflecting the world around us and the clean ending.

  3. Filter/Purification
    Mo brought up how water gets filtered so it’s easy to digest, the same way Fedora is which results in it being the better “purified” desktop. We discussed particles and elements being filtered out potentially in a gradient abstractly or concrete representation.

We talked about how this invention and the ability to filter particles out of the water, mirrors our necessity to filter air when it comes to covid, and how it offers hope.

We had a wonderful brainstorming session today during a Fedora Design Sessions for F36. Here's the mind map we generated together:


Some random thoughts:


We've historically had quite a few water-themed wallpapers. (This goes well with Fedora Blue, I suppose!)

  • FC1: water plants
  • FC5: bubbles? kind of watery :)
  • F16: submarine
  • F26: island
  • F27: jellyfish
  • F34: woodland stream
  • F35: not directly water, but a water-based technique and reminiscent of waves

I don't know if this argues for or against further water designs. :)


The FC6 wallpaper with its reflective sphere immediately comes to mind. When I asked around, that was often chosen as a favorite. If we're interested in a callback or update, that might be worth looking at.


I'd like to stay away from anything that feels.... pandemicky. If we go this direction, let's focus on cleanliness, health, normality over anything bacteria/viral.

Today's call replay will hopefully eventually show up here, if you'd like to see what we talked about:

Here's the sketches I showed... the upper right one is meant to be a waterfall down layered rocks, frontal perspective.


Some inspiration I shared:

The layered artwork of Nobuhiro Nakanishi... they use rectangular glass plates to create immersive landscapes that form a wide landscape:


I also found Maud Vantour's layered paper constructions really interesting... relating to the layers of filtration water typically runs through (including in Kurup's system) - they're very dimensional works, and some have a natural / landscape kind of feel like you're in a cave or canyon or flower:


Then I thought about shadow boxes, and kind of combining the idea of nakanishi's rectangular transluscent plates with shaped cut outs like Vantour's paper layers. I found a landscape image by Stone Ridge Glass, which seemed very much the sort of thing that might make a nice combination of the different concepts we were thinking about.... layers/filtration, nature, reflection, connection:


One in particular that caught my eye, it's called Cathedral Dusk:

So my proposal would be a layered shaped glass textured landscape, maybe vertically taller than Cathedral Dusk to show layers of ocean or layers of soil beneath.

The thumbnails I came up with for the meeting today

I really like the design of the spiderweb droplets one.
I think that the design should use a landscape of some sort, but it should include a spiderweb-style thing (such as this) in the corner. So from the perspective, you'd see the landscape in the background with the spiderweb (not in the focus) in the foreground.

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