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We have a new logo! We had the idea to retire our old logo in style and grace, with a Fedora Classic logo design.


To further the perception that the old logo is retired, to create some nostalgia around the old logo, to create some swag, to make a rad design!


Recommend potentially using the word "Classic" with the logo or some graphic elements that invoke some feeling of nostalgia in folks. I made some sketches, nothing polished, but they are something to start with :)

Opening this for @mleonova to work on specifically.

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5 months ago

I love this! Not sure what the use-case(s) will be, but it would be kind of fun to have whatever the classic logo becomes to be an easter egg in various other works (e.g. on the hood of the car in the background of a poster) or in physical merch (e.g. a custom-branded can of soda or bottle of water).

@riecatnor - Is there an idea of how / where this might be used at this stage?

Love it!

Hi @mleonova these look great!

Design on the left: My first thought is the thickness of the curve on the right side is overpowering the “C” side on the left. I would try a reduction on the width, maybe make the c a bit bigger... in fact, its reminding me of an infinity sign. You could try to push the look of the c and it’s tail towards an infinity sign? Might be worth a try :)
The "l" in classic is also a little short, like it could be mistaken for an "e". Not sure if this is a typeface out of the box or designed by you, but you could try to make it a bit taller?

Design on the right: I like the concept here, But I think either "Classic" or "fedora" should be more emphasized. Perhaps the Classic should be a bit shorter? Some of the letters also feel really heavy, like the negative spaces inside the "s" are almost touching the angled line in the middle of the s structure. Maybe trying a different but similar font here, or a lighter version of the same font if its available.

Looking forward to the next iteration :) thank you!!

Hi.. maybe we can add the shadow with dark blue color for the shape, especially for the left one. But the right one is nice too :)

So I've made some changes to the infinity, what do you think? I've tried making C bigger, but it lookes wrong then:

It looks good for me. It's nice :)

I think it would be nice for having more dark blue color. It can be as shadow color or maybe for the "lassic".

So here's an update - I would love to hear everyone's thoughts.

Hiya @mleonova loving the drafts so far :D as we discussed I grabbed the SVG and made some changes to option 1.

I made the following adjustments:

  1. Simplified nodes to help make the shape smoother and cleaner
  2. Attempted to align the angles you are using through out the design to mirror each other
  3. Took the curly shape from the "C" and added it to the swoop at the end
  4. Mirrored the shape of the Fedora logo inside the curvature of the big swoop

What do you think?


Hi @riecatnor ! Looking good! I love the liveliness you have added to the curve. I think we are moving further away from the example you had in the beginning https://pagure.io/design/issue/raw/files/e1975cbdcc08a4029899300e62c98efa4764c632a94af35d0c7f79649857f4dd-tempFileForShare_20210211-225532.jpg here. They all seem more geometric to me.
Do you think we can unite the two in some way?

I feel like I'm losing the connection between the C swirl and the rest of the word, so it reads like "lassic" to me.

Oh, that's an interesting take. Cars instead of soda. :)

I think the date is confusing though -- that's the classic logo's birthday, of course, but I think it'll make people think we're saying Fedora started then.

I think the date is confusing though -- that's the classic logo's birthday, of course, but I think it'll make people think we're saying Fedora started then.

What's the Fedora orig date 2003? I can update with just the original Fedora date?

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2 months ago

I think September 22, 2003 is probably the Most Official Birthday date.

OK cool. This is @mleonova 's ticket so it's her call which way to go. Was just throwing an idea in to try to reconcile the gap with the inspirational link.

So I've been looking at these for a couple days, and I love them both, I think we need a fresh perspective, because I just can't pick. And depending on where we intend to use the classic logo, I would say why not keep both.
Even better, let's discuss it on our next design call, if enough people are present?

We did a poll at Nest live and there seems to be a preference for having multiple logos. So maybe we can target doing a full sheet of different logos as an end goal here using different "classic" styles

Feedback on classic script.... rounding the corners / squared off areas to fit the Fedora rounded vibe, and pulling the "lassic" closer to the C.

I really like the classic design of the c curving line around the lassis and the fedora logo. It gives a feeling of separation but continuation too.

Visually great! I think the loop doesn't quite read as a "C", so it looks a little bit like "lassic". Not sure what exactly to do about that....

@mattdm thank for checking it out! I'll see what I do about it :)

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