#753 Requesting Review for "How to Join Fedora" deck for F34 Release Party
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This is a Fedora Join SIG presentation draft for F34 Release Party.


It should be good and hence, a review is needed.


I am attaching the draft deck as a comment below. Please take a look at it whenever you get time.


Heya @t0xic0der looking good! I am not reviewing this for content right now, only design :) A couple recommendations:
- We have deprecated the use of Comfortaa except in the case of Fedora badges. We now use Montserrat for headings, and open sans for text. Please adjust accordingly
- For the title page, you have the logo in two spots, I think you can remove the one on the top left hand side, and change that sub title text to "Fedora Linux 34 Release Party"
- For the title page, move the logo down to line up with the bottom of the "How to join Fedora" text
- I think the color theme is working nicely, but I think the tan color isn't too Fedora-esque. I would use the Fedora dark blue for the dark backgrounds, and maybe try a light variation of the Fedora orange for the light backgrounds? You can find a Fedora palette here: https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/badges/_attachments/palettes/badges_fedora_palette.gpl
- Change the text on the bottom left hand to "Fedora Linux 34"
Those are quite a few changes.. implement those and let's do another round of reviews :)

Thanks for the review. Here's a revised draft.


  • Replaced all Comfortaa usage occurrences with Montserrat (which includes headings, subheadings, quotes and slide numbers)
  • Replaced the top-left "Fedora logo" with "Fedora Linux 34"
  • Move the opaque watermark Fedora icon logo down and right to make its bottom line up with that of the "How to Join Fedora" text
  • Switched the tan color from #e8e4d9 to #fbeedb - The last color of the provided palette seemed just right
  • Replaced the "Fedora 34 | Release Party" bottom text to "Fedora Linux 34" bottom text

Do let me know if more changes are needed. :)

The event was a success, and the recordings of the same can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9t-cOOoYykQ&t=155s.

Thank you @riecatnor! Closing this ticket as FIXED.

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