#744 Logo graphic for Weblate
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We are providing a reference/testimony for https://weblate.org/discover.

They will need a 570x260px graphic with our logo.

Can I work on it? I just wanted to know that will the heading be 'Fedora Weblate' only?

@schizzy Are you an Outreachy applicant? Did you sent an intro email?

Yes @duffy I am an Outreachy Applicant and I've sent the intro email.


Seeing the graphic covers from the description, I came up with this. Tried to keep it simple, minimal and modern. Please let me know if you like any @duffy @riecatnor :))

PS- They are of the same dimensions but the export render was different.

Hi @yavnikaa thanks for working on this! I have a few recommendations moving forward:
- I can help with design guidance for this, @duffy needs to have input and final approval on this as well as it is logo related, and we are being extra careful with our new logo :)
- I am leaning towards the second version, though I am not sure the logo is standing out enough. You might consider making the dark blue of the gradient darker to help with this.
- I like the overlapping circle shape! Maybe you could play with this to mirror the bubble of the fedora logo? It might look better with the circles in the end, but I think it's worth a try
- We do not need to include the words "Fedora Weblate" in the design. Here is what Weblate uploaded for a generic place holder, and what someone has done to customize their image. It also says "Fedora Weblate" directly under that so their won't be confusion on what it is for. Based on that, I think we can just use the Fedora logo as is - original ratio between logo and word mark, at a nice size, centered in the design.


Looking forward to the next draft!

Alright, I'll work on it :))


How about this? The words 'Fedora Weblate' will come in center below the logo by default when we upload it right?

Are the colours and logo size-positioning fine here?

Hi @yavnikaa lookin good! "Fedora Weblate" will show up as I posted in the screenshot above: https://pagure.io/design/issue/744#comment-724073

Let's wait til @duffy is able to respond to go any further on this one.

Hey @yavnikaa - purple isn't really a key color for our main branding, I would suggest using the new Fedora blue gradient with the white logo on top, and scaling the logo to be bigger within the space and centering it vertically.

The gradient colors are:
fedora dark blue: #3c6eb4
fedora blue (new): #3c95b4

attaching a sample you can use.

Seems like I got a bit carried away (and a little obsessed too) with purple . Apologies!

I used the colours you shared and here's my iterated version. What do you feel about these?


Also, I have some confusion regarding aligning the logo to the centre since I guess the words "Fedora weblate" will be automatically added by the website and hence I shifted the logo a little on the upper end. If I have interpreted it in the wrong way, please let me know and I'll correct the alignment :))

Ahh yes, the white looks more attractive. Maybe we can put the white logo on my background. Let's see what @duffy and @riecatnor feel :))

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