#743 Titles / Animations / Visual Styling for How Do You Fedora video series
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@gchang is working on a video series to interview folks around Fedora and have some fun while doing it. Some assets that should be developed:

  • A logo for the series
  • Opening titles (basically to say "How Do You Fedora?" / display the series logo)
  • Thumbnail template (see https://www.canva.com/youtube-thumbnails/templates/ for examples, and https://blog.snappa.com/youtube-thumbnail-size/ for dimensions / etc)
  • A titles template for inserting question text into the vid
  • Pop up graphic for explaining things... should be chroma-key able.
  • Pop up graphic for providing a link / supplementary info
  • Fun pop up graphics with pandas / etc (please use @ldake designs)
  • End of video credits / thumbs / subscribe

We are looking for this to be a DIY series so we'll create the video templates for Kdenlive which is included as part of Fedora.

The thumbnail template should be created for Inkscape.

Sample video for reference:

Sounds like fun! Would love to work on this.

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2 years ago

Thanks @duffy --

  • I've requested access to the "sample video" for reference (not sure who the owner is).
  • It looks like the @ldake designs are in process currently (I'm seeing open tickets here: https://pagure.io/user/ldake/issues), so we'll focus on those when complete.

I think we'll begin working toward a series logo to inform the other elements!

@kylerconway Ok great! @gchang is the owner and creator of the sample vid! So she should be able to grant you access :)

Excellent! Thank you! I just found the St. Pat's day video so I'm watching through that to catch up conceptually.

Appreciate it!

@duffy -- I'm assuming this should incorporate the new Fedora logo (rather than the old one). Are those finalized graphic resources anywhere?

@kylerconway yes! I can email you the mini logo pack I have put together. expect it shortly :)

@duffy and @gchang -- Interested in your thoughts on this first iteration for a logo (and an example use on the Fedora Magazine series). I have some excited co-creators working with me (my daughter is excited to share her 1st name with @gchang)!

Really enjoyed the general feeling and speed of the sample video. It seems playful, fun, inviting, etc. Will be a great series!

Main ideas for the logo in this version are:

  1. Playful/wordplay
  2. Colorful (using the palatte)
  3. Extending the rough right/left shape of the Fedora speech bubble as the outlining shape.
  4. Some interesting ideas for moving intro (that settles on the logo after introducing the individual elements roughly word-by-word -- i.e. "how" then "do" then "you" then "fedora".
  5. In a constant state of improvement ( "^ you")

Open to any and all thoughts and ideas. We'll keep exploring in any case.



@kylerconway I'm loving this!!!!!

Have you thought about how you might animate it? I could totally see each of the bits ('how', 'do', 'you') coming in and being animated.

I know this is kind of a ridiculous example lol but:

^ hooked on phonics has a lot of videos with the kind of playful letter animations I'm thinking those could be?

Did you think about using the new brighter blue in the new logo? The dark blue just feels a bit dark when the letters are so cheerful... but maybe the contrast with the new blue isnt good? Is it an issue of creating a mark that'll work on the stills and stand out?

I love the construction of the elements, it makes me think of a puzzle, like a crossword puzzle? And it relates to the whole series, in the way it kind of "fills in the blanks" of how different people use Fedora.

Re: the white outline - we're going fo ra more flat thing so I am not sure how I feel about the outline, it's kind of a bit similar to the old style we're moving away from in the old logo you know? Mayybe just make the bubble pull on white?

I'm not sure about the underline under "dor" - the line quality is different. What is the thinking/plan there? (is it meant to indicate ground? )

Keep iterating, this is good!!! I love the mockup to show it in place!


Thanks! We were thinking of bringing in each word in a set, and possibly having them each have some type of personality (quick and flashy; slow and sneaky; smooth and confident; etc.) Love the examples! Those will be helpful!

We did try the brighter blue -- it looks washed out and not enough contrast. We can probably pull it in though (see rows 2 & 3).


White outline is gone -- as is the underline (originally to highlight the "DO", but color can do that).

We'll keep iterating on the 2D version before animating, but I think once we have this down the rest of the video elements will follow.

Question - we hand wrote the "you", but as there are more elements needed in the video it might be nice to have this be a handwritten-looking font -- know of any good ones that are appropriately licensed?

@duffy - I had been thinking about directionality with respect to the text (down, left, up-right) and thought that might work as a sort of shorthand for the series (maybe). I also leaned in heavily to the crossword comment, as that also fits with multiple directions and could likely be used for some of the fun elements once @ldake has the new pandas for pop-up elements.

Below is a light blue iteration that is aided in contrast by the crossword element in the background. First one is a mid-blue crossword, second is a darker blue crossword.



Just adding some of the @ldake character designs to the thread for use in the other elements (pending some additional logo feedback).

Here's some further ideas (mostly on the small iteration).

I'm pretty happy with the large logo (and, honestly, I'm not certain if a small one is useful or not, but I've created them anyway as I suspect they might be).

Any feedback or thoughts on the smaller versions (or larger)?

LARGER: Fairly happy with this. I removed the pink/magenta color as it seemed maybe too neon against the blues, and increased the amount of the lighter blue by making that the "DO".


SMALLER: I think these would be a choice of one or the other (if either or any). I think they'd likely have a use and could be integrated into the social media in places that needed more space (or a more vertical than horizontal orientation).


Some ideas to consider:
- orange vibrating w brighter blue
- try vertical boxes, to solve vibration issue and pop out of bubble for some balance with diagonal tilt
- try scaling up panda / friends in title cards design
- animation of characters

Added the vertical boxes and removed the vibrating green color (A-series below). I don't love it (but I'm open to thoughts). The additional elements are beginning to seem too busy to me now, and I'm not loving the boxy shape emerging from the bubble.

To that end I started re-simplifying again. Series B, C, and D are those simplifications.


I think the upward angle in Series D is nice, and overall, I like the simplicity.

In real-world use-cases the bubble is really nice to have to force contrast over videos/photos as otherwise the lines of the arrows are too small. Below I've showed a selection of the Series' on photos.


Ben Cotton and Joe Doss read the cleanest to me, but even on those largely dark/light backgrounds it was difficult to use the color versions. I suppose the photos could be planned this way - and the videos will have more control.

No matter what I did the A Series seems too complicated at smaller sizes, and with the lack of color it also looses some of the whimsy it previously had, which seems to be regained a bit with the simpler design.

Also, bigger panda:


What still needs to be done on this? I would love to use my video skills more in Fedora, I've only made two videos so far :disappointed: .

I've been playing around recently, and have made a Fedora logo sting transition, do y'all want to see it?

I've been playing around recently, and have made a Fedora logo sting transition, do y'all want to see it?

Absolutely want to see it!

As for what still needs to be done... there's a lot I suspect! I'm wanting to solidify the main graphic before creating too much more outside of that. I didn't like the last iteration so I presented it alongside an alternative for feedback (possibly too simple, but seeking feedback either way).


You can ignore the background, just watch the logo


You can ignore the background, just watch the logo

Very cool! I like how clean it looks! I'd been messing around with Blender a while ago for fun. I'll add these to the thread as well (though one is the old logo).



Assigning to @a7mad98 to pick this up!

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Metadata Update from @duffy:
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I look forward to start working on this as soon as possible.

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