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I would think about the narrative / theme you want to tell in the graphics along similar lines - discuss is meant for folks who are very familiar with Fedora and contribute to it, while ask.fpo is meant for users who don't necessarily contribute to Fedora, and who may be quite new and just finding their way around.

Suggested ask logos with new template:

Next steps:
- @yavnikaa will prepare a moodboard or set of themes which come to mind
- @yavnikaa and @duffy (and whomever else is itnerested) can do a quick video call to brainstorm the same

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4 months ago


I have added some ideas and inspiration here. You can click the pictures to see them and add comments. Feel free to add your ideas and any other themes in this moodboard.

For the ask one, let's focus on remote collaboration and multilingual space, what say?

Looking forward to your views :))

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4 months ago

@duffy are you able to access this link? any suggestions or remarks over the way the moodboard is going?

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