#720 Minor Character Designs
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Related to: https://pagure.io/design/issue/716

This is a ticket to track work/progress/feedback on the minor character redesigns/revamps.

Tux the Penguin

  • Name: Tux
  • Gender: Male
  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tux_%28mascot%29
  • Note: This is not a Fedora character (Tux is the mascot for Linux) but it would be helpful to have a version of him done in a "Fedora" style to match the other three. Or maybe this manifests as, for example, the badger, panda, and beefy wearing penguin costumes or something.


  • We don't currently have a design for this, but there is an old Fedora saying that it's important to make sure if you some day are eaten by a velociraptor, that someone else could step in and help with your work, because we don't want people to work in silos or feel pressure that they can't ever take a break.

Llama / Alpaca

Yak farmer

  • Another one that doesn't have pre-existing artwork, but sort of a Fedora cultural saying. It's something you say when you are fed up with computers, eg. "This is hard, screw it, I'm going to go start a yak farm." Seen as a life of "peace and tranquility," yak farming is something to aspire to when everything technological is broken and you're ready to retreat.

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