#720 Minor Character Designs
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Related to: https://pagure.io/design/issue/716

This is a ticket to track work/progress/feedback on the minor character redesigns/revamps.

Tux the Penguin

  • Name: Tux
  • Gender: Male
  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tux_%28mascot%29
  • Note: This is not a Fedora character (Tux is the mascot for Linux) but it would be helpful to have a version of him done in a "Fedora" style to match the other three. Or maybe this manifests as, for example, the badger, panda, and beefy wearing penguin costumes or something.


  • We don't currently have a design for this, but there is an old Fedora saying that it's important to make sure if you some day are eaten by a velociraptor, that someone else could step in and help with your work, because we don't want people to work in silos or feel pressure that they can't ever take a break.

Llama / Alpaca

Yak farmer

  • Another one that doesn't have pre-existing artwork, but sort of a Fedora cultural saying. It's something you say when you are fed up with computers, eg. "This is hard, screw it, I'm going to go start a yak farm." Seen as a life of "peace and tranquility," yak farming is something to aspire to when everything technological is broken and you're ready to retreat.

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2 years ago

HI, I have some ideas for character designs too.

Both are free clipart designs/no subject to licensing.

Yak Farmers




Hi @greenwings23 - so this ticket isn't open, it's part of @ldake's
summer project. These are some interesting designs but did you draw them
yourself? The styles are not consistent. We can only accept original works.

Oh ok thanks for telling me. Can you assign Fedora badges tasks that I can work on. I am a newbie and I can draw. I did help with the diversity badge.

@greenwings23 This guide has a nice walkthrough of how to get started in badges: https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/badges/join/ Feel free to join us in the Fedora Design chatroom if you need more help so we can keep this ticket on top! :) https://matrix.to/#/#FedoraDesign:matrix.org

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