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We had an amazing virtual Fedora Women's Day and we are working on a write up for the Community Blog.
Ticket here: https://pagure.io/fedora-diversity/issue/180
Draft in progress here: https://hackmd.io/@lilyx/H1rscR6nv/edit

We will need a banner. We would also LOVE any other graphics to sprinkle in throughout the post. I am attaching some resources to generate the artwork.
- Poll results. We held informal polls during the event. We could create graphs for all of them or we could choose a couple and pair them with illustrations.
- Statistics from the event. We can use these as is, or we could redo them Fedora style! We could extract the most important pieces from each and make one graphic.
- Graphics that I used for HopIn. These could be re-mixed to create a banner.


To make the FWD blog post beautiful!!
We will also add it to our docs page, bc, of course!


FWD passed some time ago, so we aren't in an immediate rush, though it would be nice to publish in January :)

Screenshots of the speakers from FWD. I titled the files with the names of the speakers


Hey, I did some work on the above pictures in darktable to enhance the images a little bit. The contrast is a bit high as I was intending to put them in a mosaic and have coloured filters on them. I haven't done image editing work in a while so forgive me if I'm biffing it on some design principles.

Anyway, I hope these are helpful if anyone else wants to work on this.


HI @lilyx it looks great! A couple small suggestions:

  • Cali's pic is standing out, I made an edited version.. please swap it in :) I tried but I had difficulties editing your file

  • The heads on the very top left look a little bit off bc all three white outlines line up but not quite. They should show some contrast (like one is higher, lower, higher), OR they should be lined up very well. Based on the rest of the design I think they should be contrasting

  • The black object under the faces on the right feels a bit off to me color wise.. Can you try the Fedora dark blue instead of the black?


I removed the black objects, those were only there to blend the images when they didn't have the white boundaries. I agree regarding the image high contrasting on the left side and adjusted that accordingly.
Thank you for fixing the Cali image, she looks so much better there.

Let me know what you think, I made some other adjustments to the image

This is awesome work, great job @lilyx! @riecatnor, is this what was needed? Do you need anything else or should we close the ticket?

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@duffy thank you for reminding me about this!

@lilyx -It looks great, there is just a sliver of something incorrect showing up on the bottom left hand side. Your background object may have been nudged :) can you adjust and re-upload? After that, all set!

Awesome @lilyx I am going to put the file on the D&I ticket and close this ticket out. :)

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