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Hi Design Team!

The Mindshare Committee is working to align it's seats to ensure active teams are being represented accurately. See: https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/241

Currently the design team is represented by @codeblock who works on the web aspect and is totally awesome, but doesn't have design experience. The Mindshare Committee knows the Design Team is a super active and we want to ensure they have a seat.

There is no general process to elect/nominate individuals from the Mindshare Committee, each team chooses how to elect their rep independently. If the team needs assistance with this I can help get a process set up.

It would be great to get a rep in place within the next month.. Please leave any clarifying questions

Hi, I'm happy to volunteer to serve if no one else is interested.

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@riecatnor It looks like no one else is interested in the role at this time so I'd be happy to serve. Just let me know what the next steps are (Signing up for a mailing list? meeting invites? etc.)

@duffy, awesome! I am excited to have your input on the team.

Here is the correct mailing list to subscribe to:

Here is our weekly meeting in Fedocal:
50%+ attendance is preferable, if possible :) If this time is problematic for you, that is okay as well, we have some folks who mostly work asynchronously. The real time input is very valuable tho.

Here is our main docs page:
We have a PR we are working on to make changes to the seats/current members etc. Feel free to review if you want and ask questions :)

I have added you to the FAS group, as well.

Ah, also join #fedora-mindshare when you can :)

@mizmo since you were at the meeting today, I am going to close this one as complete!

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