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A new emerging edition... emerges? Fedora Kinoite is (tentatively) planned to be introduced as the KDE counterpart to Fedora Silverblue. We need a logo for this new variant.


Fedora Council approved the name "Fedora Kinoite" (Fedora-Council/tickets#344) for the upcoming new variant.

A work-in-progress draft Change proposal is being done here: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/Fedora_Kinoite

The KDE SIG specific work is being tracked in fedora-kde/SIG#4, with @siosm primarily working on the bringup for this variant.


"Kinoite" (pronounced KEY-no-EYE-tuh) is a blue mineral. In Japanese, "木のいて" (pronounced as KEY-no-EE-tay) means "There is a tree". A logo design should take advantage of this for making allusions to Fedora, KDE Plasma, and OSTree.

Very exciting! Love the name! Are you thinking a tie-in to the existing Fedora Silverblue logo or would it be alright for this to be more standalone?

This is an interesting question as it raises a more global one: What will happen when/if new editions are made for other desktop environments? If someone works on making an XFCE edition, should the logo share some similarities with Silverblue/Kinoite? Should we have a base for logos for rpm-ostree based desktop editions (ignoring Fedora CoreOS as it already has a logo with a strong brand).

To partially answer this question, I would say that I am in favor of a more standalone logo. Even though we share a lot of the technologies, I don't think we target the same potential user base as we use another desktop environment than Silverblue thus making it clearly distinct could help.

Excellent. I'm just doing to start playing around then. The below isn't a logo-form yet, but might help formulate some other ideas (and simplifications). Open to any and all thoughts.


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@ngompa I see the target for Kinoite is F35 - do you have specific places in mind where the logo would appear?

Pretty much the same places that Workstation branding is used (installer, website, etc.).

@ngompa OK cool, so you need installer gfx, placement on the main getfedora.org website... is there going to be a separate Kinoite website too as Silverblue has? Also... so Silverblue AFAIK has no Silverblue logos in the distro/desktop itself... but I am assuming Kinoite would? (I'm not a KDE user so not sure where the logo might be placed there.) Silverblue I think has a Fedora logo in the About Computer dialog and I think that's it?

There is a plan to have a Kinoite website, too, similar to Silverblue.

I'm not sure if we're going to have the Kinoite logo in Kinoite itself right now, as I'm not sure how we'd swap the logo that shows up in KDE Plasma System Settings "About System" panel. We might wind up still just doing Fedora logo there. If we can, we might have the logo in "About System", since we already show the full horizontal Fedora logo there now.

(cc @carlschwan as we've previously discussed collaborating on Kinoite and Fedora KDE websites with him as a KDE websites person)

Thanks to @michaeltunnell, I found out that "Kinoite" is a wonderful pun for us, as in Japanese "木のいて" (pronounced as KEY-no-EE-tay), it means "There is a tree". As this is based on RPM-OSTree, this works out quite well!

Now I'm not sure which pronunciation I want. :laughing:

hey @ngompa and @duffy
I am interested in working on this can I do this ?

Hi @riyajawandhiya - sure! Do you need any help to get started?

I was planning few stuff.

1. Silver
2. 294172 color (standard fedora color)

few questions:
1. Do I have to use fedora logo too?
2. As per my understanding, this is immutable and less prone to bugs so do you want the logo to revolve around this or the word "k". Are there any other symbols or characters could I use?
3. Who are the competition?
Thanks :D

  1. I don't think you have to use any existing logo. See the first few comments for more context.
  2. You can pick any idea from the list given in the earlier comments but remember that what makes Kinoite special is that we are based on the KDE Plasma desktop so we should have at least one reference to that.
  3. I don't think this is a competition. We do not have a logo right now so we are open to suggestions and ideas.

Hey there! Do we have any updates here?

Friendly ping here. There are discussion about updating the Silverblue logo too for the new Fedora logo design so we might follow along here too: https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/silverblue-logo-redesign/29340

Friendly ping again. Any updates?

I think I have solution. A basic image, reminiscent of a mineral .Easy to draw. Something similar to this. The image represent a unified and pure whole. This should be the aspiration of any good desktop environment.


combine the elements so that the Kinoite logo looks as if it was made at the same time and the same artist as the silverblue logo . Build around a simple diamond or other easily identifiable and drawn gemstone.

It looks nice. I feels a bit too "perfect" or diamond shaped however. Feels like it could more "raw".

Found some nice pictures here: https://www.mindat.org/gm/2213

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