#705 Custom brand graphics for Fedora Element/Matrix Server
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Fedora will be setting up its own matrix.org / Element server. There are various graphic assets we can provide to customize the look of our system. This is my guesstimate list, waiting for confirmation from the element.io team:

1) large background for behind login screen (the one I see on element.io right now is 2560x1709 so I can get something in that ballpark put together)
2) browser favicon
3) logo for login screen
4) icons for the various Fedora rooms (no rush, we can upload these ourselves)
5) custom fedora stickerpack (will likely be covered by a diff fedora ticket)


So our element.io / matrix.org home server look proudly Fedora-ish :)


This is a quick turnaround situation for the immediate need provisioning the new system. Longer-term it would also be very cool if we can create our own sticker pack ala the SuSE sticker pack already available on matrix.org.

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@riecatnor tagging you in just for FYI

So I started working on an abstract landscape but i dont want that to hold things up so heres one idea for the meanwhile

This is a quick screenshot of the thumbnail sketch for the abstract landscape:


Talked to @mattdm about this over email yesterday; he noted liking the dramatic background at https://chat.mozilla.org/#/login and also thinking we could change the wallpaper every 6 months to match the wallpaper.

Oh I also need to test the icon in the browser tab to make sure it'll read at the appropriate size.

I think I will continue on the special landscape project though (heck maybe could be used for F35 if we decide to go with the wallpaper art instead.)

We need to ask the element.io folks if we can switch up the wallpaper every 6 mo.

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@madelinepeck Ooooh I love all of these! I think the houses on the water is the neatest, if I had to pick I'd go with that one! I love it!!!

I also like them all! The houses one is a nice callback to the F26 wallpaper in some ways, while still being new.

I think #4 has nice potential to be a desktop wallpaper at some point, too, when it fits the theme!

@mpeck just pinging on this one. Maybe we should wrap finishing this ticket into the Matrix icon project?

Note that the front page doesn't just have to have the login screen. The KDE matrix server has some links and info on the front, and we could do something similar: https://webchat.kde.org/#/welcome

Of note:

  1. We don't need a separate "create account" button, because if you click that, you get to our SSO page which has a create account link. Or we could have one and link directly to the accounts.fedoraproject.org registration page. Whatever is best.
  2. We're hoping that we can make it so anyone who logs in to this interface is automatically joined to the Fedora Space. If not, we may need to make a "Join the Fedora Space" button here. This isn't my preferred approach, though.
  3. We should make it clear that you don't need to sign in to see what's going on in a room. (That's not the case on the KDE server but is on ours.)

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