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We need some images for the IoT website to go along with the text in each section. I think we can keep the container image in the first section, but we'll need something for the others, plus the header.

(Note if you're looking at this within a few hours of the ticket being opened, the content is not yet live. You can look at the commit for content until the site rebuilds)

cc @pbrobinson @pwhalen for visibility

@bcotton What is your timeline for this work?

@bcotton What is your timeline for this work?

Ideally, we'd like to have this by the Beta release (15 September), but I'd say the must-have date is the GA release (20 Oct).

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2 years ago

@bcotton just as a heads up, @nyxro has been working on some illustrations and I've been giving her feedback and tips on them. I think what she has now is good to go, and I'm waiting on her ok to post a mockup of the page with her graphics included so you can let her know what you think.

@duffy thanks for the update, I'm looking forward to seeing the images.

Welp that was quick thanks @nyrxo :) This is the current mockup - she'd like to work on a header graphic too and is starting that. So this mockup doesn't include that. Let us know what you think @bcotton!


I like it! I'll share it with the rest of the IoT group and let you know what they say.

I think the mockup looks great!

@duffy if anyone had any changes they wanted, they haven't said anything. I think we're good to go with this.

@bcotton do you know why the IoT logo on the website is purple? it's supposed to be magenta.

@bcotton do you know why the IoT logo on the website is purple? it's supposed to be magenta.

@duffy I don't. Looks like @ryanlerch added them. (see optimized commit and initial commit)

@duffy, @nyxro do you have the images available for me to grab? (Or you can add them directly to the websites repo if you want)

@bcotton Assuming you do not have the images yet, will the svg files work?

I'm going to close this as complete but feel free to request a reopen if you need anything else. Thanks for the amazing work @nyxro!

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2 years ago

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