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We need to work on the Fedora 34 Artwork. We will work on it concurrently with F33 to have it ready to go super-early so we can get a release ahead with artwork.

Fedora 33 is "H", so Fedora 34 will be inspired by an "I" scientist, engineer, or inventor. Here is a list of suggestions:

I would like to see an initial design by Aug 31.

Looks like the poll has closed and the winner (with 58% of the vote) is Ub Iwerks, inventor of multiplane camera for animation.

I'm testing out creating a multiplane camera in Blender. Here's a video (link: https://youtu.be/EpK9k8ycV4A ) I took that runs through the multiplane camera patent from 1940 in a pseudo multiplane style. It's possible we could grab a still from this, or (see my comment on issue #687 about the 4 wallpaper styles) perhaps actually cycle through some of them?

More to come. Still below.


Here's a version that is closer to the actual functionality of the multiplane camera: https://youtu.be/gMvu4PfuHHE

Our concept for F34 from the Nest hackfest is as follows:

We will feature beloved Fedora characters such as beefy miracle, panda, badger, if we need more the extended family from the coloring books (3 little pigs, container commandos, dog/cat, and snow white & kubernetes dwarves.)

These characters will be done in a style influenced by Miyazaki, the Gris video game illustrations, Mary & the witches flower, cartoon saloon, stephen universe.

The background will be multilayered as a connection to Ub's multiplane camera, a watercolor style, heavy on the nature, rocks with charcaters or symbols embedded in them, trees ,maybe with faces, plants etc.

The characters can be very obviously on top of the bcakgroud, or if we want them lower contrast we can embed them in the scene ala Highlights Hidden Pictures puzzles.

One idea for the backgroud is to split it into quarters (or some other fraction) and have each quarter influecned by a discipline or region of Fedora contributors (e.g. a developers quarter that is more geometrical, in contrast to say a designers quarter) - or could be influenced by the four F's.

We're heavy on the ideas for this one, so some of this will be shaken out as sketches / visuals are put together.

Marie said she's happy to take point on this one so I'll assign it to her. She can focus on the character design, and we'd like a variety of contributors to work on background concepts and submit them here.

Some of these might be useful as inspiration for the various layers: https://imgur.com/r/Miyazaki/QeYuc

Hello, everyone,
I made some composition sketch on paper (it's not good, it's just for concept) and tried thinking about where characters might be (by sketching in GIMP).
So, it's basically a view from the forest, in the distance I imagine mountains and clouds in blue sky, in the foreground Badger and Panda (maybe they're discussing something). Panda sits on the rocks, which are covered with some symbols, maybe also with Fedora related symbols. I can add more Fedora characters around them, if needed.

For now, I'm not sure about the landscape. What do you think, maybe it's not the right direction?
(I also made some clouds)

@kate I am loving your sketches, they really bring to life the very same concept we talked about initially with this project so good on you! I would keep going! Do you have an idea of next steps to keep iterating?

Also I think @gnokii is just posting some inspiration for the general theme is all! (Right @gnokii?) Usually each wallpaper we come up with a moodboard / inspiration board

@kate these are great! I love the soft watercolor with the hard sketch lines on top.

The clouds immediately had me imagining the beefy miracle in a red cape flying triumphantly through the clouds.

Excited to see what comes next!

@duffy @kylerconway thank you :)
For the next step, I'll try making 2-3 layers of trees (like with multiplane camera) in GIMP and mix them together, also adding watercolor texture filling. I figured, it would look more neatly as oppose to paint it all with watercolor, and also it'll give more control for future iterations.

Sorry for the late answer, situation here is a bit chaotic right now.

@kate its like Mo says

@duffy yes, what else :D

I tried watercolor textures with drawing in GIMP, they seem worse than I expected (I can't take a better picture of watercolor for textures and it looks too artificial, I think). So, I guess, it's better to paint in hand, but we can decide on composition here. Also, after @kylerconway commentary I've come up with a new idea :)
@duffy @kylerconway @gnokii What are your thoughts? Which idea is better or maybe something else? I will paint some more watercolor on paper now, I'll try to share it with you tomorrow.


about water color? or the design. First one, look out for Irzun, I think he had a very good water color filter for Inkscape. If not maybe I can sit down next week make one, but I think the default one should be good enough at all.
About the design, you not really wanna hear! We not DouDou Linux, we are Fedora. The technical drawings Kyler posted are more to the liking of our clientel. But I dont stop you, just go ahead who knows where it ends.


about water color? or the design. First one, look out for Irzun, I think he had a very good water color filter for Inkscape. If not maybe I can sit down next week make one, but I think the default one should be good enough at all.
About the design, you not really wanna hear! We not DouDou Linux, we are Fedora. The technical drawings Kyler posted are more to the liking of our clientel. But I dont stop you, just go ahead who knows where it ends.

Could you clarify what the wallpaper supposed to be - some abstract elements with a hint of watercolor effects or a watercolor landscape, should there be any Fedora characters at all? I'm confused.

Hi @kate apologies for the confusion. We had a session at Nest with Fedora where we discussed a bunch of ideas, I think it would be helpful. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WC8BHb2ENoY&list=PL0x39xti0_66-VnwFuVEpS21cdJ1ihYbf&index=33

We talked about doing the movie film idea, and it is a pretty good idea, but we ended up moving towards a more illustrative concept. It should definitely fall in with the Fedora aesthetic to some extent, though I think we have a great deal of creative freedom when it comes to the wallpaper.

The work you have created so far is definitely going in the right direction, I think it will just take some more attempts and pushing what you have closer to the Fedora aesthetic. I made some quick attempt at trying to make it more "Fedora-y" not sure if it is successful, fwiw.


Some of my thoughts while I edited:

  1. Blue
    Most of our wallpapers are really blue.. Check them out here: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Wallpapers - you will see they are not all blue, but with plenty of blue tones still involved

  2. Darker/more contrast
    My example really didn't achieve this well. Though I think having a broad range of tones will be important to making it an interesting design.

  3. Experimental
    I played with random filters in GIMP to create this effect. Try things, experiment, make sure to save copies so you can go back to them.

Hope all this helps! Let me know if you have more questions.


@riecatnor I checked the video, I'm starting to understand a bit more, I hope :)
I'm open to any critique and suggestions.

I tried to make my watercolor more blue in GIMP, it turned out too light, I think.
And there's another art, this time all painted in GIMP, all blue, I looked at Steven Universe backgrounds and tried to make something similar. It's not finished yet. I think it can have moon and its light ripples on water. But I'm concerned that it still can be too contrast for a wallpaper, should it be less bright?
(I reduced the size of all these pictures, but I have them in a bigger format if needed)


@kate beautiful work so far! i just want to note that you'll probably have a better time with digital painting in Krita instead of GIMP - GIMP is more for photo manipulation while Krita is really aimed at digital painting, it has a lot of really nice painterly brushes including watercolor brushes and is just overall better set up for that mode of illustration.

In G'MIC there's a testing filter called "dreamy watercolor" that does some interesting things.

I ran one of the backgrounds @kate made through it and it's interesting for the watercolor effect (though I agree with @duffy that Krita is wonderful here).

I also quickly colored the beefy miracle that @riecatnor created and ran it through the same filter a couple of times. Also interesting.

Just food for thought.




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