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We need to work on the Fedora 34 Artwork. We will work on it concurrently with F33 to have it ready to go super-early so we can get a release ahead with artwork.

Fedora 33 is "H", so Fedora 34 will be inspired by an "I" scientist, engineer, or inventor. Here is a list of suggestions:

I would like to see an initial design by Aug 31.

Looks like the poll has closed and the winner (with 58% of the vote) is Ub Iwerks, inventor of multiplane camera for animation.

To get things started, here's some of the images from the 1940 patent overlayed in inkscape.


I'm testing out creating a multiplane camera in Blender. Here's a video (link: https://youtu.be/EpK9k8ycV4A ) I took that runs through the multiplane camera patent from 1940 in a pseudo multiplane style. It's possible we could grab a still from this, or (see my comment on issue #687 about the 4 wallpaper styles) perhaps actually cycle through some of them?

More to come. Still below.


Here's a version that is closer to the actual functionality of the multiplane camera: https://youtu.be/gMvu4PfuHHE

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