#656 Fedora CoreOS graphic request.
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Fedora CoreOS needs some nice t-shirt / sticker designs.


There is an emoji that I've spotted on slack that we use for :fedora_coreos: that I'd like to get as a vector artwork for t-shirts and stickers and other stuff. I think its a great combination of the fedora logo with the CoreOS slice.

It looks like it was created by derek gonyeo back after the CoreOS acquisition, and I'd like to make sure I don't take credit for his work.


@jligon unfortunately that mark is really problematic trademark wise and I would strongly advise against using it.

I trust you. I’ll let it go then!

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@jligon sorry, i totally hate to be a killjoy! if it's any solace we're looking at changing the fedora logo soon enough anyway in which case it'd be moot!

(we're happy to design you some sort of Fedora + CoreOS artwork though if you're wanting t-shirts / stickers / etc though! @jligon )

you aren't a killjoy, just a bearer of bad news, but yes we would love some stickers/t-shirts/etc

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@jligon i played around a little bit with some sticker design ideas, any of these seem ok?

I like 4 and 8.
As an aside, is there any way we could make the globe look like a cookie to lean into the cor-ee-ohs pronunciation or is that verboten?

@jligon I'm not sure - I'm hesitant to play with it too much, I don't know the brand person in charge of the CoreOS mark (do you? Fedora is the mark I can make calls for.) I could do an illustration that was a new / separate mark though that was a cookie illustration that resembles the globe but isn't it, if that makes sense?

The new designs look great! (I like 3 and 4 in particular :) However, the font/capitalization and color seems different than CoreOS's old logo.

On CoreOS's linkedin page I see an employee with the title senior graphic and UX designer, but I can't click his profile. https://www.linkedin.com/company/coreos/people/

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