#637 Fedora sticker sheet + sponsor banner for South East Linux Fest (SELF)
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We need sticker sheets to hand out at SELF and a sponsor banner along the same theme. ASAP as SELF is generally second week of June.


Promote the theme of Fedora's diversity. Inspiration from cover of Container Commandos coloring book.

Final final date to have everything ready and ordered: June 4

Here's a preview of the sticker sheet layout. Open to any suggestions for slogans / etc. This layout and arrangement seemed optimal for spacing.


I got more specs on the sticker sheets from sticker mule. They are a little more than a $1/sheet until you hit the 1k quantity range where you start getting a significant discount. Shipping is free, but turnaround requires 4 biz day production time and 2 biz day shipping. So to get them to SELF on time (assuming you can direct ship to SELF) we'd need the artwork finalized and everything ordered and ready to go by June 4 or 5. Let's say June 4 to have a bit of breathing room.

The SELF website has been down all week so I have no way to get the specs for the sponsor logo. :(

I didn't realize we needed a new logo for SELF? They already have our logo on the website. (except it is down at the moment while they set up registration)

Also, I didn't realize we were producing sticker sheets for SELF, although I like the idea. Did we get budget for them from somewhere already?

@nb i got the request from @mattdm, i believe there is budget allocated for this. by logo, i mean the logo banner which (before the site went down) had space for more design to fit the sticker theme.

I like that, however that appears too tall for the rotating "Bronze Sponsor" slideshow on the main page. Or are you talking about putting it on https://southeastlinuxfest.org/?p=728 (The Fedora page on their site)? @duffy @mattdm

It looks great for the Fedora page. I see that that text needs to be updated since it seems to be from five years ago. I'll write something. @nb is George Burdell the person to contact about that?

@duffy Yeah looks like we'll also need a tiny one?

@mattdm Jeremy Sands is the one that is in charge of SELF. George Burdell is just like an alias. info@southeastlinuxfest.org would work to email him. I can also ping him on Telegram once we have something.

I love the sticker sheet. Can we make the logo and getfedora.org and the words made into diecuts as well? I can see people using that part of the sheet as well.

I'd like to get that prepped ASAP so I can order extras for our other swag usages - I don't see any reason to not get those into wide circulation. Please let me know if we can get this done in time for an extra 4 days in the process (approval in next 2 days, if I understand correctly). Worst case I'll do two orders.

@bex here it is with the fedora logo cut out - I had to shift things around a bit to allow for the required clearance between die cuts. Does this work?

I'm fine with getting things done earlier :) If you're cool with this I want to run it past sticker mule before the print prep stage to make sure I'm meeting their specs (they have a minimum sticker size requirement that is a bit ambiguous for shapes like this.) LMK!


@duffy this looks good. I was wondering if we could also get the actual diversity message as a die cut too. I definitely see people sticking that places. Having F's in the hearts would keep our branding with it if that is an option.

As for Stickermule, I am happy to coordinate the print so that the cost center is right. I can loop you in on the proof approval and in case of spacing issues. WDYT?

@duffy @bex @mattdm I have sent the logos to my contact at SELF and asked for him to update their website.

@bex it'll be a challenge to get the tagline as a separate sticker because of the margin requirements on both sides of the cut - it'll take a lot of shifting around, maybe modifying some of the artwork (eg making the balloon lower or changing its position) - but i'll give it a try.

@duffy What is the actual printed size of this sticker sheet? I can't find that in the ticket. Thank you.

I'm going to close this since we now have an accepted proof. Thanks everybody!

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Hi Design Team! Is it possible to get these assets uploaded or shared somewhere more visible? So many people have commented on these and it would be great to make them available in other ways, maybe like a digital resource pack like we use for Badges. Just a thought, I think this is a cool idea to let people remix graphics in unique and creative ways. Like social media avatars or banners. :smile:

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