#632 Banners and labels for Fedora 30
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We need a banner along other promotional materies for the final release of Fedora 30.


See Fedora 30 Artwork page


Use the existing templates for the sleeve, poster and banner.

Hi @luya @duffy here are some design ideas for the banner. I wanted to make them more fun and celebrational considering it's Fedora 30. Let me know what you think!

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6 months ago

@terezahl I love both of them! I think maybe the top one is my favorite, it's a neat composition! A couple of nits:

  • We need to stick to the current logo for F30 materials though, bc we're still sorting out some of the legal issues with a logo change.

  • This is for final so you can just drop the "ALPHA" and leave the 'available now' :)

@duffy @luya here's the changed version.

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5 months ago

@luya does this work? should we close ticket?

@duffy @luya do we still need the artwork for the poster and sleeve/media cover?

@terezahl ah good call, yes! Do you have the scribus template for the sleeve and media artwork?

@duffy I have all the files available here - https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/MediaArt/F26. There are Scribus files for the sleeve and media artwork for Fedora 26.

@duffy @luya here's the poster design I came up with so far. What do you think?


@terezahl I love the look! The only thing is you might want another area for more specific location info, eg, ABC University, Foobar Building, Room 123

@terezahl Thanks for nice artwork. We are looking one for Meetup + Release party at Pune. https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Meetup_Pune_June_2019#About

I think @akshay196 can help to customize it for Pune party.

Date: 15th June, 10am
Location: Pune, India

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3 months ago

@duffy @luya what about the sleeve design? Is it still needed?

@terezahl oh thats a good q. I think it's been long enough we can probably skip on the sleeve unless an ambassador asks for one.

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