#627 May we have stickers for NeuroFedora please?
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  • Deadline for design to be sent to printer
    Early June.

  • Deadline for items to be shipped and ready to hand out
    Late June.

  • If you can, please provide us with example photos of items that are similar to the result you're looking for
    https://www.stickermule.com/uk/custom-stickers -> I'm not sure which will be best. Maybe rounded stickers and bumper stickers?

  • Printer contact information if available
    For stickers, I was looking at using https://www.stickermule.com/uk. They do Linux stikers too: https://www.stickermule.com/uk/unixstickers. So stickers similar to those would be nice.

  • Is this for an event?
    Yes. We're announcing NeuroFedora at CNS 2019, and then also at Flock. It'll be great to have stickers and t-shirts to hand out to interested attendees at these conferences.

  • Location, date, and website/wiki page for the event
    https://www.cnsorg.org/cns-2019 in Barcelona in mid July.
    Flock has not yet been officially announced but it is going to be in August in Budapest according to current information.

  • Is this in a language other than English?

Size requirements, can be standard paper size or width and height

Please refer to https://www.stickermule.com/uk/custom-stickers

@ankursinha a couple of questions

  1. do you have funding for this
  2. do you have a logo?

@ankursinha a couple of questions

do you have funding for this

Yes---I am attending the conference as a member of the OCNS board (the organisation that organises it). I will also present my research work at the conference and the lab I'm at here is funding me. I have not yet asked mindshare for funding since I expect my research funding will cover it. If it costs more than it can manage, I will put in an application to mindshare too. (It's why I'm preparing so early---the conferences are in July/August but I've got to have everything ready to ensure I can apply for visas and all that in time)

do you have a logo?

Yes. We've kept it here on our Pagure repo: https://pagure.io/neuro-sig/NeuroFedora/blob/master/f/Artwork (The related design team ticket is here: https://pagure.io/design/issue/602)

I wasn't sure of the process---I can go file a ticket with mindshare if they need to approve to the designing of new swag first (not production---we can manage that bit)


its not about that mindshare has a saying or not, its about doing your homework. Its about securing that it is paid. There is a large variety of printing methods for tshirts and each differ in price and possibility what you can do with it, sieve print, transfer foil and so on. So enforcing the people to create mindshare tickets before putting us to work ensures just that they search for a vendor and calculate for the costs and makes sure we getting the data we need

Thanks. I confirm that I have funding for these, and that I shall use stickermule to get them produced. Screenshots with sizes and their prices are attached. I leave it to the design team to decide what type and size would be best---I do not know.

We'd like stickers to begin with since they're much cheaper than T-shirts. If we do have funding left over, we will consider T-shirts.


@ankursinha what is your budget? its hard for us to pick a size if we dont know the quantity / price youre looking for.

@ankursinha what is your budget? its hard for us to pick a size if we dont know the quantity / price youre looking for.

+1 you might also add an calculation of particpants, thats where the quantity on the end comes from

@ankursinha what is your budget? its hard for us to pick a size if we dont know the quantity / price youre looking for.

Would 200-300£ do? CNS traditionally sees about 200-300 participants. I don't know how many attend Flock, but a total of about 500-600 stickers should be enough.

We're not giving them out to everyone at registration etc.. At CNS, we'll have them at our NeuroFedora poster for interested folks to pick up. SImilarly, at Flock we intend to have a NeuroFedora talk where interested people can pick them up.

@ankursinha cool that helps! so in that price/quantity range you could go as large as 100mmx100mm (4in x 4in) for die cut (I'd recommend die cut bc it'll look nicer.) Do you think that's a good size or too big?

@duffy, 100mmx100mm die cut stickers are a good size (and would look really good!).

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please go with the templates stickermule provides, some things you doing will not work

@tanvi i think those look great. im not 100% sure on the blue color, is it the same as the logo file? also, you need more bleed on the diecut one, look at the stickermule templates to see what they require (i would add at least another 1/4")

@tanvi hey any updates on this one?

@duffy Sorry was for the delay. Yes, I used the same blue color as the logo file.
I had a look at the stickermule template and went through the steps, though I'm not entirely sure if this is right or how to increase the bleed (right now, I just added a Cutline on the background as the template said)
Please let me know what can I do to correct it. Also, do we need some changes in the design?


Hi @tanvi - you have to set up the file the way the example template is set up. Grab this template and take a look - the .ai file should open up in inkscape - https://www.stickermule.com/uk/template/die-cut-stickers

You need something like the blue outline on the mule example, that shows where the sticker gets cut, and the grey outside is the bleed in case the die cut machine is off.

In the designs above, the bleed areas don't make sense - your bleed in the circular one is grey, but the sticker is blue. After the die cut, do you intend the sticker to be blue without a grey outline? In that case you need to make the bleed the same color blue. If you mean for there to be a grey outline around the sticker after it's cut, then you need twice the width of that grey outline to have the appropriate bleed.

Similar with the die cut top one - if you mean for the sticker, after cutting, to be blue all the way to the edge, your bleed needs to be blue, not grey.

Does this make sense?

@tanvi are you still interested in working on this ticket?

My first contribution with great help from the one and only @duffy , after centering the logo changing the font and adding NeuroFedora + the link, I resized the circle to 4" x 4" made the stroke black serving as a cut line (not sure about the maximum allowed width though so I kept the default stroke width) then made a 4.25" x 4.25" blue circle to serve as a bleed line and aligned it underneath the logo circle, I also played around with the brain sticker - work pending

print ready NeuroFedora circle sticker, thoughts and impressions

These are awesome! I'll go get them printed :clap:

Thanks for all your work @duffy @asrootuser @terezahl @tanvi.

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Hey @ankursinha could you please show us how it comes? I'm really excited to see it, It's my very first time making a sticker and contributing, thanks.

Yes, of course. It'll probably be next month when I start preparing for CNS 2019.

I've added you to the Neurofedora group on Pagure now, and you will also be co-author on our next academic publication :)

For anyone that wants to use the stickers, they are now on our Pagure repo here:


Thanks very much, everyone :)

Yeh, we don't have an account for NeuroFedora yet, but the team are there individually. We generally just use #NeuroFedora to tag tweets:

You can contact the team on the lots of channels we now have set up:


Sorry for the unrelated ping:

@asrootuser : I was trying to e-mail you but it didn't go through to asrootuser@fedoraproject.org. Not entirely sure why. Would you be able to set up a user page on the wiki so others in the community can get to know you a bit? (I was looking for it to link to the latest neurofedora blog post: https://neurofedora.github.io/2019/07/01/new-badge-stickers-and-software-updates.html)


Here is mine, for example:


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