#622 Poster design for Fedora 29 Release Parties
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Please design the poster(s) for Fedora 29 Release Parties.

Thank you @terezahl for your designs. I am not a designer, just a coder, therefore I don't feel capable to judge your project.

That said, I like the first one more. I don't like the "29" number fuzzy, tiny, and disappearing.

Shouldn't the Fedora logo be included, and shouldn't the "TM" sign appear somewhere near?

Again, please don't rely on my judgement too much. :-)

@terezahl I love the overall design, my only nit is we don't normally do an obvious outline around the logo to make it stand out. what I would suggest is either a large bright blur that kind of blends in with the background so it's not noticeable, or even just do a dark transparent gradient from the top on the background to get the contrast you need for the logo. It would help focus the viewer's eye a bit better too I think.

Don't you have a feeling that the word "Fedora" + logo are shifted left? I am pretty sure that they are actually perfectly centered but they seem to be shifted left due to an optical illusion. What about centering the word "Fedora" relative to the rest of the content as if it was alone and then adding "TM" and the logo aligned with "Fedora", in order to compensate this illusion?

Thank you, @terezahl. This is perfect IMHO but I think that the proper graphics designers should express their opinions as well.

@terezahl looks perfect to me! great work!

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