#621 Create Digital Sign to promote Fedora (29) release
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Red Hat has screens in the office that show information about latest events. Similar screens may also exist in other companies or locations, where the Fedora release could be promoted. This could be a good way to reach people who do not use Fedora on a regular basis.

I think it would be a great opportunity to have Fedora release promotion on these screens to promote Fedora 29 inside Red Hat and possibly elsewhere.

For the Red Hat internal screens, the information can be found on https://mojo.redhat.com/groups/digital-signage. It is suggested to use provided slide templates for branding, but I suspect that is not a hard requirement.

For the benefit of our community members who don't have access to Red Hat's intranet, I am attaching the blue template for the digital signage here. As provided, it's a LibreOffice slide file:


We need some copy for the slide, and a graphic, and it should probably point to https://getfedora.org (or just getfedora.org is fine.)

I think this would be a good ticket for a newbie to pick up so I'll tag it newbie too.

Once complete, I'm happy to manage sending this slide in to get it into the rotation.

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3 years ago

@duffy @benzea I would like to work on this ticket, but there are few things that aren't clear to me. Should I use the blue template for the digital signage or create a completely new one? What text (informations) should the slides contain? Should I use something from https://getfedora.org ?

Hey @terezahl -

You do not have to use the template - it's up to you - but you can use it as guidance for what dimensions are needed.

I think the main point is to let people know the latest version of fedora and where to get it. So information that would be useful:

  • Fedora 29 is out!
  • You can download it at getfedora.org

Maybe highlight some new features too? You could look up the F29 release announcement on fedoramagazine.com or the community blog and see what the f29 highlights were?

Hey @terezahl this one came up during triage today in the meeting, any updates?

little bit low contrast on some

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3 years ago

@benzea @gnokii after a meeting I found out from @duffy that there's probably not going to be more than one screen/slide available for Fedora promotion, so I reduced the info to one slide. Let me know what you think!


@terezahl i think this looks great. and it looks like a nice basic design that could be updated when f30 is out. if we had an updatable version so the '29' could be updated to '30' that we could use as a template moving forward it would be perfect.

perfect, thanks @terezahl! @benzea does this look ok to you? it could be used for f30?

Ah, cool, had not quite followed this thread.

A few minor fixes I would suggest:
* It should be GNOME (or even GNOME™️) rather than Gnome
* Maybe add "https://" in front of the URL (I personally expect it, but it could well be that it isn't something usually done these days)
* Please use the ellipsis character "…" rather than three dots "..." (usually LibreOffice automatically replaces that, but I guess it only does so when you add a space afterwards)

Yes, I think we should submit an updated version at RedHat for F30.

Hey @terezahl - can you make the edits @benzea suggested above?

See https://pagure.io/fedora-marketing/issue/288 for F30-specific release info... may need to open separate marketing ticket to have content updated.

closing this, great work @terezahl!

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3 years ago

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