#602 A logo to get the NeuroFedora SIG started
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  • Deadline
    None - not urgent at all

  • Size requirements in pixels if applicable

  • If this is a logo or icon for an application
    Yes, a logo sort of image that can be used to market the SIG better

  • What application is this for?
    The NeuroFedora SIG

  • Brief description of what the application does
    The NeuroFedora SIG was started years ago to build a spin that neuroscientists could use (similar to neurodebian). Unfortunately, it stalled, and I'm trying to get it back up. I've tidied up the existing bits and the next step is to spread the word around the community and ask interested parties to join in: commblog posts, a brief post to the -devel list, and so on. It'd be nice if I had some artwork to use while promoting the SIG. It isn't urgent at all, but if someone has the cycles and could hack up something brain related, that'd be awesome (Fedora <3 neuroscience types?) :) The long term goal is to have a spin which may need a little artwork, but I'll request those when we're closer to the spin. Early days yet.

  • Packager or developer contact information (IRC nick + email + wiki profile page link)
    Franciscod on #fedora-neuro, ankursinha

  • If this is for an icon, please indicate if you need desktop icons or web application icons.
    I'd think it'll be a web application related icon currently.

Yes, of course! :)

I've applied for a talk at flock. The abstract may provide a little more context:

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6 years ago

@terezahl these mockups are beautiful! @ankursinha do you have any feedback for @terezahl?

I'm so sorry---I missed the notification e-mail!

I love the designs! Is there any chance we could use both logos? One version for use on light backgrounds and the other on dark ones?

@ankursinha here are some ideas: the design with blue circle can be used on lighter backgrounds (1), the other design can be used without the circle (2) but i also added white circle to it, so it's possible to use it on darker backgrounds (3), there's also another option (4) that can be used on colorful backgrounds as well. Please let me know, which do you prefer, or if you are ok with all of them and I'll send you the vector files.


I'm extremely happy to have all of them :joy_cat: . Please send me the files and I'll put them on our wiki page. I've added an "Artwork" section there now: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/NeuroFedora#Artwork

Thanks again for the great work @terezahl. We owe you quite a few beers for this! :)

@ankursinha glad you like the work :) is it ok to close this ticket now then? you can always reopen if you need edits / etc?

@duffy Yes, please close the ticket. Thanks!

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5 years ago

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