#596 Mockup request for IoT website
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IoT is going to be an edition, we need to make a fourth edition on getfedora.org.


IoT is an objective and requested a Landing Page here: https://pagure.io/fedora-websites/issue/788


We still don't know if the target for it as an edition is F29 or F30, but for sure we will need a mockup for one of these releases.
The best would be to have a design for getfedora, which is rather important, as it involves mostly all webpages of getfedora.org. At the same time we should plan for a F29 side release on alt.fp.o/iot. We can then setup a redirect from iot.fedoraproject.org until IoT folks are ready for the edition.
Does this sound reasonable for you?

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@pbrobinson @robyduck hey what is the status on this for f29? still needed?

@duffy we won't be an edition for F-29 but it'll still be there and we'd still like an iot.fp.o landing page

@duffy Do you any cycles for this in the next two weeks?
I am working on updating content for the IoT docs during Feb. Technical content for the Getting Started pages is top priority and coming along nicely (one week in). User guide and overall content - including the iot.fp.o landing page and incorporating any logos - are next.

@laubersm I certainly can - I don't have any content at all. The basic kind of template / layout will be similar to this but updated:


Can you help me come up with content?

I'll bring this up in the working group meeting tomorrow but to get you started, this is what I was given:

The mockup was copied from the arm.fedoraproject.org site and the verify pages are not correct. There is an updated image this week for the downloads links but the docs, mailing list, meetings info is all correct. The description at the topic is valid. I expect the initial landing page to be more in line with the workstation/server/atomic pages. With the Download Now link going to something like this.

https://pagure.io/fedora-websites/issue/788 is also related and looks like your workstation template is pointed out there including some content pulled from stg link.

This is what I am adding content to this month. Some work was merged over the weekend, new stuff is in a branch for now. I specifically have some content to consider from
I do want @pbrobinson to review that message though (in addition to getting it on the correct pages). He would also be the person to get some quotes from for the get page to look like the others.

https://docs.pagure.org/modularity/ was pointed out to me from the team as an example of some POP that could be added. Not sure if that is for the docs page only or also the download page.

I know there is a desire for a specific logo too and I don't know where that stands.

@laubersm I certainly can - I don't have any content at all. The basic kind of template / layout will be similar to this but updated:

There's a staging site here: https://iot.stg.fedoraproject.org/

We have to have the ability to update the images via the API (no idea how this actually works) in the same manner that atomic currently does.

Can assist with content too

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