#583 Find and destroy old, outdated, bad swag and marketing collateral from the wiki
Opened 2 years ago by duffy. Modified 11 months ago


As discussed in today's design team meeting, we learned from Mindshare that a lot of ambassadors still use old, unapproved, crufty marketing material designs. This is bad, because these materials aren't reflective of our brand / campaigns right now, and in some cases they aren't even approved designs and violate our brand/logo guidelines.


There's a lot of cruft on the wiki, and folks don't seem to know they can open design tickets to get help (maybe they assume it'll be too slow to open a ticket.) If the cruft is easily available, it'll get used in the absence of good stuff :(


We should find them on the wiki and remove them.

If possible, redirect to wiki/Ambassadors/Design. mleonova is putting together a list of pre-approved swag designs for this page. It also directs ambassadors to open up a ticket here for assistance instead of hunting the wiki.

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note this is related to the Fedora Swag catalog, see https://pagure.io/design/issue/638

@sam08 still up for taking a look at this one?

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