#578 Logo redesign for Fedora Community Blog
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Size requirements

Current logo is 331 × 50 pixels, but could be slightly bigger (reference front-page of Community Blog to see intended use)

Logo or icon?

Primarily logo (icon for favicon?).


The Fedora Community Blog is where the Fedora community goes to tell stories. It collects news, informative tidbits, and community activity from around the project. I want to better establish the "brand" of the site in a unique, distinguishable way, like @ryanlerch did for the Fedora Magazine.

Let me know if any other info is helpful here.

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4 years ago

Hi @thelittlewonder as you can see, this ticket is taken by @terezahl . So you should ask her if she'd like some help.

Hi @terezahl! This is amazing. It's simple and it will integrate easily into the theme we already have. :tada: :100: :tada:

@ryanlerch is also sitting next to me by chance (he designed our theme for the Community Blog) and he also gave a +1 for the logo and confirmed this would be easy to integrate.

@mleonova or @duffy can give any feedback, and then we can work on getting it added to the CommBlog.

Thanks for working on this!

@jflory7 I personally am in favor of this logo!

@ryanlerch Could we have your help to implement this into the communityblog-theme?

@ryanlerch have any time to look at this?

@ryanlerch The new logo is really, really, really cool and it would be super appreciated to integrate into the Community Blog WordPress theme. :grinning: I tried looking at this a few months ago to do on my own, but I couldn't figure it out.

Yay! The new logo is now pushed to the WordPress site on communityblog.fedoraproject.org. This ticket can be closed as complete.

Thanks again for the awesome logo @terezahl. :smile:

closing as complete :)

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3 years ago

Thanks folks. Really appreciate this one! :smile:

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