#577 Artwork for the Fedora Podcast
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The Fedora Podcast is out! But the artwork used is just the infinity logo. Also for the SoundCloud account I just use the F27 wallpaper.


To improve the image of the Podcast to attract more listeners


For SimpleCast image (it serve the RSS feed for Podcast Apps) it ask for a 3000x3000px .jpg. As you can see because the black background, Simplecast doesn't support transparencies.

For the SoundCloud Account it asks for:
- 1000x1000 pixels. 2MB file-size limit. This one will be rounded (put in a circle/bubble) so corners need to be taken into account.
- 2480x528 pixels. 2MB file-size limit. Recommendation: Avoid using text because it can be cropped in smaller devices

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a year ago

Is someone working on this ticket? If not, I would like to work on it.

Hi @bournvita , as you can see - yes, Martin has assigned this ticket to himself:


Sure! I can see that now. Thanks for the clarification @mleonova ^_^ and apologies for the trouble.

Sure! I can see that now. Thanks for the clarification @mleonova ^_^ and apologies for the trouble.

No problem :)

Hi @x3mboy Martin is working on it! Do you have a deadline or something?

Not specifically, but the 2nd episode was published today, and I would love to have it before 3th episode get published (in 2 weeks)

I had no news on this 😢 3rd episode will ship tomorrow

I had no news on this 😢 4th episode will ship this Friday!

@x3mboy, don't worry, @svitek will upload a draft really soon!

as an idea you can add a symbol with music notes or an orange cloud

Hey, I'm sorry for huge delay!

This is really cool! Thanks so much!

You can close this as complete

So I looked at it for a bit, and I think we still need to add the Fedora logo somewhere here - probably on the square part.
@svitek what font are you using for Fedora Podcast?

@mleonova It's Overpass Mono. You are right, I should have placed it somewhere.

@svitek okay cool! please do, and then it will be perfect. Thank you!

Will be there an update to this? @svitek or can I say that the last offering will serve to close this issue?

@svitek please add the Fedora logoto the artwork, or of you don't have time, just upload svg here - I can help you out with that :) Thank you!

There is fixed account picture. Let me know opinion.

It looks nice, really. But I'm wondering if there is too much issue to left the previous typeface (Overpass Mono I think)?

@svitek thank you very much, now it's much better! I'd suggest changing the word Podcast back to Monserrat.
Also please upload the source file for future use :) Thank you!

This artwork is really good! Thanks so much!

this is amazing, @svitek - you are so talented. Thank you!

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9 months ago

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