#561 Lanyard design
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  • Deadline for design to be sent to printer
    Jan 2018

  • Deadline for items to be shipped and ready to hand out
    Jan 2018

  • If you can, please provide us with example photos of items that are similar to the result you're looking for


  • Printer contact information if available

'''If you need printer recommendations, please include that in the ticket Include any text or content needed *No, we will not write your brochure for you'''

  • Is this for an event?
    Not, is for a hole year in Latam


latam ambasadors team is planning to ask for all the swag for the 2018 to get better prices, and we want to ask for desing for a landyard.


I like this one, just will ask for feedback in Latam Mailing List.

Great I like the idea, since a while ago I'm wanting a fedora lanyard. For my taste it is too black, I would like something more like this:


Hi @searchsam! Would you consider using the full logo in your mockups? I think the space on lanyard allows for it, and it's better to use fedora + logo mark.

I do not have any strong feel about the lanyard desing, but I am +1 to @mleonova comment.

So I did the original PDF design @mleonova posted, and I have been using one of those lanyards for a number of years :) some feedback:

  • white lanyards get dirty very quickly and don't look good.
  • the brushed metal look in the proof - well those lanyards didnt' come out looking like brushed metal. it's kind of grey and washed out, and looks dirty even if it isn't.
  • a flat black background on the full fedora logo is probably the best bet, in terms of looking neat and clean and standing up to wear if folks want to use them for a long time.

this is that original lanyard product; it's actually not a great deal in terms of price so i'd recommend against it: https://www.inkhead.com/dye-sublimated-polyester-lanyard/6769/

This one is half the price -

just a note, white is for lanyards not the best option

I think a simple black landyard with the Fedora logo on it is all we need.

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hey so this came up in triage, this is basically stalled waiting on a vendor / product. some suggestions in this thread: https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/design-team@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/FXWPPQQ3YIRGVYMPHSPA4H6DMLFIRWKE/

let us know when you've made a selection and we can produce artwork to vendor's spec.

Looks like landyard epot have nice princing, the 3/4" looks like a good
size and the LOBSTER CLAW adapter looks safe and suitable for multiple
uses and do not add any cost to the landyard, the Fedora Logo works fine
with a black background, I think we can go ahead with this


Thanks @duffy

@williamjmorenor sorry for the delay, the vendor specs were not clear. the attached should work on a black lanyard as mocked up above. i suggest sending both this as the mockup above to the vendor. keeping ticket open in anticipation of a proof.

@hader thanks for taking a look! we already decided to go with a black background because as we've found in the past light colored lanyards get used well beyond the day of the conference and they get visibly dirty much more easily. we wanted these to be usable for a long time period.

@bex I think pantones for Fedora blue and dark blue are different: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Logo/UsageGuidelines#Colors
Blue - 2935
Dark Blue - 541

@mleonova++ spot colors need to be updated in proof

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