#540 new subproject logo and words for src.fedoraproject.org
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  • Deadline

It'd be nice to have at least the text in the next couple of days as we launch the site.

  • Size requirements in pixels if applicable

Looks like https://pagure.io/static/pagure-logo.png is 340×80.

  • If this is a logo or icon for an application

Yes :)

  • What application is this for?


  • Brief description of what the application does

Web frontend for git repo holding spec files, modulemd files, container build control files (e.g. Dockerfiles) and similar.

  • Packager or developer contact information (IRC nick + email + wiki profile page link)


  • If this is for an icon, please indicate if you need desktop icons or web application icons.


  • Related Infrastructure ticket


I was thinking to do simply:


I'm going to start with this we can revisit later if desired.

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2 years ago

Some notes for this one:

so what this ticket needs is two components -

#1 a gray palette logo mark that matches the hyperkitty and pagure ones
#2 all caps montserrat text

i dont know if "dist-git" is the right / ideal text? I think we need more context for that. The temporary logotype has mixed caps, but we do all caps with pagure and hyperkitty so we should probably do the same here.

So i think the first step here would be to sketch out some ideas for what the icon / logo mark would be.

For reference, the two logos this should fall in line with:


You can use the attached SVG below as a template for creating this logo. The font used is Montserrat so you need that installed to use the template correctly. It is a free and open source font, and I believe is packaged for Fedora (if not, easy to search for and download.)

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- Issue assigned to nikita1312

2 years ago

Hello Guys,

I have tried these icons/logos.
It will be great If i get exact text for the logo, it will be helpful for design purpose.

Let me know what you think for these icons.

@nikita1312 the third one uses the hyperkitty logo - but this isn't hyperkitty, so i would drop that one.

none of these really represents source code to me... a symbol often used to symbolize this is something like:

Can you swap out the lines or + in one of these doc icon designs and put a '' in it instead?

You've got the palette and line width perfectly right. So this should hopefully be a quick and simple change?

@nikita1312 hey, are you still interested in working on this ticket? we haven't heard from you in a while! i would love to keep working with you on this :)!

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2 years ago

@nikita1312 just checking in - if you'd rather open this up for someone else to take let me know. otherwise let's finish it off?

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- Issue assigned to bournvita (was: nikita1312)

2 years ago

Assigning to bournvita - cheers!

Somewhere in between here, this logo got added. This resolves my original "can't distinguish from pagure.io" problem, and I think it fits the requirements... but I'll let someone else decide on that.

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