#538 Women sticker design request
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The most of current designs were not maked thinking about gender but they are not atractive for women maybe because the colors are a little serious or some thins like that.


As part of swags production process that was talked in FAD-Latam we decided make a sticker specially designed for women for promote their participation in the fedora community (women inclusion)


We need to get a sticker design for women that atrac them and permit to indentify herself as fedora users/colaborators. Something like this sticker or better idea.

We need the design for next saturday (2017/08/05).

Thanks in advance for your help

As a note, the work for this ticket can likely be combined with #537 to save cycles

@jflory7 great idea. @alexove can you use the design @maryshak1996 came up with in #537?

@duffy , Can we modify desing it to be a sticker??

it can be maybe modified if you would do your work first.

Find a vendor, look for his prices get a decision what production method and which size it shall be, look for the regulations of the vendor and THEN make a ticket with them included.

Not I want sticker deadline next week

@alexove thanks for opening this ticket, I like a lot your idea and would be great if you will organize a "Fedora Women Day (FWD)" in your city :)

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4 years ago

@alexove @alyaj2a as @gnokii alluded to above, we do need some specs to modify the design and prep for printers. do you have a vendor in mind? what shape of sticker (round, sq, rectangle, die cut)? what material (shiny? matte? transparent or opaque? etc) roll or sheet? etc.

Understanding these things will help us produce a design that'll work and won't have unnecessary extra expense involved.

@duffy ya I think that this would make for a cute sticker! Depending on how they choose to have them cut, another option could be to cut the bottom root part and put the flower part in a circle/square/some standard shape and then just have "Fedora Diversity Team" be a title along the top or bottom edge?

@duffy I REALLY like it! I can totally see this fitting in with all of the Fedora stickers :)

We are planning to print stickers for Fedora Womens Day (https://pagure.io/fedora-diversity/issue/36) and it would be great if we can use the final design for this ticket.

@alexove Did you print these stickers already?

I love this design. Is it possible to add more colors to the sticker to showcase inclusion? Even if this is not possible, the sticker looks great already. @duffy ++ and @maryshak1996 ++

Ok here is the CMYK prepped for print version:

I'm going to close this ticket now because I believe the work is complete. If you'd like something changed or need something else, please feel free to reopen!

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4 years ago

Thanks all, We will make a big swags request for LATAM Ambassadors including this sticker

@duffy just noticed, there is no space between the text 'Women in Fedora' in final version. Sorry for the trouble.

Sorry to re open this - two questions:

1 - what is the final dimension of the sticker as described in https://pagure.io/design/issue/538#comment-456787 - we are getting ready to place the first orders.

2 - Would you like a sample reserved for the team and sent to ??? (Boston?)

Also, @alexove if LATAM would like these, it would be great to be able to combine them with the FWD orders to save $$.

@bex -

1) in the file it's set to 8"x8"; the printer should be able to scale to any size. if they are not willing to do this let me know the actual size since both 2" and 3" have been discussed.

2) no that's ok but thanks for offering

closing, please feel to re-open if there ends up being an issue with the file and vedor requires that we resize it (please indicate needed size)

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