#525 Fedora Tshirt for active contributors of Translation group
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We are planning to provide Tshirts for contributors of Translation group. Budget has been already approved and we are looking for design now. We are thinking to give away in limited quantities to top translators at conferences such as DevConf, FOSDEM or ship directly to them. Can the design team design it for us?


Our only intention is to recognize awesome contributors and motivate others.


  • Deadline for design to be sent to printer
    Not yet decided. We have to first come up with budget based on T-shirt design.

  • Deadline for items to be shipped and ready to hand out
    Around flock.

  • If you can, please provide us with example photos of items that are similar to the result you're looking for
    Fedora T-shirt in flock 2016.

  • Printer contact information if available

'''If you need printer recommendations, please include that in the ticket Include any text or content needed *No, we will not write your brochure for you'''

  • Is this for an event?
    This is for limited number of translators who satisfying criteria or 500+ strings.

  • Location, date, and website/wiki page for the event
    No Event. This is for group

  • Is this in a language other than English?

'''Size requirements, can be standard paper size or width and height'''

  • For apparel or products
  • Apparel or product type
  • Number of colors to use
    Again we are open here.

  • Background color of the object

  • Print or embroidery

  • Print area size (printer can provide this)

  • Templates (if provided by printer)


  • Design more on languages.
  • Something make everyone proud and motivate others to contribute.

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2 years ago

Hi! Here's a couple of ideas that I came up with... the first two are more goofy and fun and the third is more similar to the design that I made for last year's Flock shirt (since you mentioned that above in the ticket). Let me know which is leaning more towards what you are thinking as well as any other changes/ iterations you'd like to see!

Raw SVG (all designs are in this file)

Attempt #1

Attempt #2

Attempt #3

@maryshak1996 must say all the attempts are awesome and do the purpose.

I will vote for attempt #2, which includes earth. @jonatoni @jibecfed @zoltanh721 @piotrdrag what do you people think?

I agree with you @pravins, +1 for attempt#2
thanks @maryshak1996

They are all great, I honestly couldn’t decide!

By the way, wouldn’t “Fedora Localization Project” be the right name for our group? [1]

[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N#The_Fedora_Localization_Project

Glad you guys like it! I made an iteration with "Fedora Localization Group" on the bottom of #2 (since that seemed to be the crowd favorite)



Hi @maryshak1996 !

Loving the globe design! It's so cheerful! I think a circular / centered kind of design like this works really well on a shirt. (I love love the flower design too - I think the globe is probably better for l10n but we should figure out something to use the flower idea for!)

A few ideas / suggestions:

  • I'd give the text within the speech bubbles a little bit more breathing space. I think for some (eg the japanese konnichiwa) it butts up too close to the edge.

  • The green outline circle around the globe - I'm not sure about it? How does it look if you drop it? Turn it blue?

  • Maybe to differentiate from the bubble text - try the "Fedora Localization Project" text in all caps or small caps? Just to make the order of precedence / hierarchy clearer?

  • Can you do a mockup showing the design on a t-shirt? You can use https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/T-Shirt#Templates

Excited about this project :)!

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2 years ago

@maryshak1996 please when do you think we can have it finished? We would like to send it to the council asap to get approved and print the tshirts.

@jonatoni Sorry about the delay! I can have @duffy 's feedback applied and the design updated by the end of the day today/ tomorrow morning

Here's the update as well as the design mocked up on a shirt color that I think would compliment the design well :)




Looks much better now, with actual T-shirt design. 👍 Thank you @maryshak1996

@pravins Glad you like it! And @duffy any last night tweaks on this latest version?

@maryshak1996 love it! shipit+1! The real t-shirt mockup is super nice too!

Awesome! Maybe this could also help out this set of badges? https://pagure.io/Fedora-Badges/issue/240#comment:14

@kylerconway I'll share this onto that ticket and can put something together with a similar look for a badge if you'd like :)

Thank you @jonatoni ! Let me know if there's anything else you need on my end in order to move forward with getting the shirts actually produced. I've attached a PDF here with the correct CMYK colors (what any shirt vendor would want) so that the colors you see on screen look just a bright and vibrant when screen-printed on a shirt
And the .sla file is attached as well (moreso for future design team reference)


great work @maryshak1996! closing ticket. feel free to reopen if anything comes up

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2 years ago

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