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Since Telegram is becoming more and more popular in our community (AFAIK there at least 8 channels/groups fedora-related) and the desktop version now support theming, it will be cool to have an official Fedora Theme (maybe 2, if we think in a dark theme too).


It's announced that custom themes are now supported in Telegram Desktop https://telegram.org/blog/desktop-1-0#custom-themes


It's possible to create themes with editing a .theme-desktop file, that basically is a zip file with the background and a file named colors.tdesktop-theme with the color schema. Documentation of themes are in the wiki of the telegram app: https://github.com/telegramdesktop/tdesktop/wiki/Theme-Reference
There is also a web theme creator: http://thememaker.site/ ( source code is here: https://github.com/danielpetrica/Telegram-Desktop-themes-maker )

@x3mboy Hey, check this one out. Btw, it's pretty easy to change it by yourself in app itself.


wow this looks great @svitek!!! @x3mboy, does this work for you?

Yes, I was using it for a while. It's quite awesome. I think the only think I suggest is a background image that fits with the dark theme, but without background still looks awesome. Thanks for take this one @svitek

fedora-telegram.tdesktop-theme I hope you can give it a try to this one (I use the png file under /usr/share/backgrounds/f26/default/normalish/f26.png as background). Everything else is from the original pushed before. If you're ok with this, I really want to launch it to the public.

hey @x3mboy , would you mind attaching a screenshot for ease of review? Thanks!


Adding the screenshots.

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